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moving to Canada

Why Moving To Canada Is So Appealing And How To Make It Happen

Moving to Canada is popular with many Brits with its political and historical ties to the UK along with the climate and landscape.  Not even the coldest of winters when temperatures can plummet to –40° seem able to deter Brits in search of a new life. It offers an outdoor lifestyle as well as several...

parent visas

Election Promises For Cheaper And More Accessible Parent Visas

Parent visas, which allow parents to join their permanently resident child or children to join them in Australia are in great demand but they have been subject to long wait times and high costs.  This is now an issue getting attention in Australian politics.  Interstaff set out the current political developments. Written by Sheila Woods of Interstaff...

immigration plans

Australia’s Immigration Plans For The Next Three Years – Post Election

Australia’s immigration plans have been subject to uncertainty but the plans for the next three years are now clearer following the 2019 election.  Interstaff set out the expectations. Written by Sheila Woods of Interstaff 30 May, 2019 Following the 2019 Federal Election, there is now greater certainty of Australia’s immigration policy directions over the next three-year...