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Moving Countries Post-Lockdown: What You Need to Know

Every year, thousands of Brits move abroad to seek a better life, better opportunities or simply to experience new cultures. In fact, it’s estimated that between 1 and 2.2 million currently live in the EU, and many hundreds of thousands live further afield in countries like Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Written exclusively for Expat...

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Lack Of Job Opportunities Stopping Brits Moving Aboard

Many are open to the idea of moving to work abroad, but a survey by Crown Relocations looked at what quality of lifers are looking for when they move abroad and where they look for the support that they need when making the move. International employers need to create job opportunities to motivate Brits...

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Silver Lining To Brits Leaving Spain

Overseas mortgage specialist, Simon Conn, sees potential opportunities from reports that a number of British residents are leaving Spain. Spain’s National Statistics Institute’s provisional figures indicate a drop from 293,475 in 2017 to 285,698 in 2018. This follows a drop of 5,827 in 2017 over 2016.  With the uncertainties of Brexit it is likely that...


Quarter Of Young Brits More Likely To Emigrate Due To Brexit

New research reveals 15% of Brits are more likely to consider moving abroad for work since the Brexit vote and that the figure is almost double for 16–24-year olds (27%). A survey commissioned by moneycorp reports that young people aged 16–24 are nearly twice as likely to consider moving abroad due to Brexit. Just over...

Well-Off Britons Want To Retire Overseas

Recent research has found that a majority of wealthy Britons plan to spend most of their retirement overseas, with 8% emigrating Read more