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Lack Of Job Opportunities Stopping Brits Moving Aboard

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Many are open to the idea of moving to work abroad, but a survey by Crown Relocations looked at what quality of lifers are looking for when they move abroad and where they look for the support that they need when making the move.


International employers need to create job opportunities to motivate Brits to move overseas, according to a survey of 1,000 people.

Over half of quality of lifers, those aged between 29-49 with kids, are seriously considering moving aboard. However, the prospect of finding a job is the number one challenge as 27% said the fact they had no job to go to is the main reason they wouldn’t leave the UK.

Improving well-being was the number one reason for a move aboard however, only 17% feel their financial situation would be better. The survey found that 34% were more concerned about sorting out their finances than saying goodbye to family and friends.

Quality of lifers appear to be the generation of caution. The research found that 85% don’t think they’d be able to relocate by themselves. One to one support is key to a successful move for this age group: 38% want recommendations from locals, 38% want access to local websites and 32% would join a local social media group to try and ease their transition abroad.

The survey found that quality of lifers are more sentimental than other generations and would take all their belongings with them. Only 6% would take only the essentials. Photos (33%) seem to be the most important personal item along with pets (30%). A quarter of individuals said their clothes are the most important thing to take with them however, only 16% would take their electronics, compared to a quarter of retirees who couldn’t live without their gadgets.

Andy Buckle, General Manager at Crown Relocations comments: “Quality of lifers are referred to as the sandwich generation. They often have children and parents to look after therefore, it’s unsurprising that they want to ensure they’d be in a financially stable situation. With more responsibilities than other generations they don’t necessarily have the time to sort out the logistics of relocating to a new country. They maybe a more cautious generation however, they want to ensure they have jobs and know where hospitals and emergencies services are and need constant support before and after they make the move.

“Finding a job in a new country can be stressful as job specifications, qualifications and requirements differ from country to country. If you’re unsure of the opportunities available, speaking with a relocation expert can help to understand what’s needed for different job opportunities.”

Despite Brexit, Mainland Europe was the destination of choice for a quarter of quality of lifers, closely followed by down under (23%) and the US (18%). Interestingly however, quality of lifers aren’t so keen on the idea on relocating to South America (7%) and it seems as though the Middle East would be the last resort (3%).