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Social Media Can Prevent Approval Of Your Overseas Based Mortgage

According to Simon Conn, the overseas mortgage specialist, an increasing number of lenders and insurers are using online activity, including social media posts and profiles, to help them judge the suitability of applicants. So your social media profile can impact your credit rating and potential overseas based mortgage. Written by Simon Conn of Simon Conn Overseas...

UK based adviser

Can a UK-based adviser continue to support you from 2021?

The UK has left the EU and as there has not been an agreement on services the UK is no longer subject to EU financial regulation and as  this has had an impact on British residents living in the EU.  In this article from Blevins Franks they look at the implications for British citizens who...

Sponsorship Law

UAE’s New Income-Based Family Sponsorship Law

New rules in the UAE allows foreign nationals to sponsor their families to join them in the country.  The new rule makes income, not profession the sole criteria for men and women to sponsor family members.   The new rule allows any UAE resident, male or female, to sponsor family members (spouse, under-18 sons and unmarried...