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Most Underrated Cities For Expats In New Jersey

underrated cities for expats in New Jersey

New Jersey, the Garden State, often stands in the shadow of its towering neighbor, New York. While Newark, Jersey City, and Princeton frequently top the lists of popular expat destinations, they are merely the tip of the iceberg. This article seeks to shine a spotlight on a few hidden gems, the underrated cities for expats in New Jersey.

From art havens to coastal paradises, these cities encapsulate the beauty, culture, and economic vitality of New Jersey in their unique ways. Undervalued yet rich in potential, these cities offer a sense of community, lower cost of living, and an enriched lifestyle that can make the expat experience in New Jersey not just comfortable but truly rewarding. So, let’s embark on a journey off the beaten path and explore the cities awaiting your discovery.

The Appeal of New Jersey to Expats

For many expats, New Jersey combines the allure of the American dream with the charm of East Coast living. It is strategically situated and offers easy access to major cities like New York and Philadelphia. At the same time, it maintains its distinctive personality. Its vibrant culture is an amalgamation of world influences, a testament to its diverse population. The state is also a powerhouse of opportunities, home to numerous multinational companies and startups across the pharmaceutical, finance, and technology sectors.

As you prepare your moving abroad checklist, consider the unique benefits that come with life in New Jersey. This checklist might include understanding the local culture, researching job opportunities, exploring healthcare options, and identifying suitable neighborhoods. But equally important are the often-overlooked aspects, such as familiarizing yourself with local food markets, public transportation options, community events, and recreational activities. These facets of daily life are pivotal to your move and help you understand New Jersey’s essence. With that kind of approach, you would set the foundation for a fulfilling expat journey.

Hoboken: An Underrated City for Expats in New Jersey with a Big Heart

Hoboken, just across the Hudson from Manhattan, is a compact city with ample charm. This underrated gem among cities for expats in New Jersey offers brownstone charm, a thriving culinary scene, and a vibrant arts community. Its proximity to New York City gives you big city benefits with a friendly community feel and more affordable living.

Job opportunities are plentiful here, especially in the tech and finance sectors. Its excellent public transportation, high-quality schools, and lower-than-average crime rate make Hoboken an attractive choice for expats. It is not just an alternative to NYC but a standout destination.

Montclair: An Artistic Haven

As an expat seeking cultural vibrancy, Montclair could be your perfect match. This city, one of the undervalued havens for expats in New Jersey, is renowned for its rich artistic heritage and eclectic cultural scene. With numerous art galleries, theaters, and the Montclair Art Museum, creativity is deeply ingrained in its identity.

Protecting your precious items during the move is crucial to blend into this artistic city seamlessly. Many expats bring along personal artwork or delicate items that need special care. Here’s a piece of advice from moving specialists working at vanexpressnj.com: When moving art or fragile items, ensure they are properly wrapped in bubble wrap or moving blankets and placed in specially designed picture boxes or crates. Consider a custom-made crate for additional security if an item is particularly delicate or valuable.

A thriving downtown, diverse culinary offerings, and outstanding education institutions add to Montclair’s allure. Paired with its welcoming community and vibrant cultural events, Montclair is a delight that deserves more recognition from the expat community.

Asbury Park: Coastal Living at Its Best

Asbury Park, once a popular seaside resort, has transformed into a vibrant coastal city. It successfully attracts expats with its eclectic music scene, unique boardwalk, and inviting beaches. Underrated yet burgeoning, it offers the joys of coastal living within a dynamic urban setting.

Being in a coastal city means more outdoor activities, leading us to an important aspect when moving abroad: understanding health insurance. The U.S. health insurance system can be complex, but expats need to ensure they are covered. This is especially important for outdoor and water-related activities that come with living in a city like Asbury Park.

While the city is famous for its music festivals, the bustling restaurant scene and growing tech sector also contribute to its appeal. With its perfect blend of beach life and city amenities, Asbury Park is a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered.

Morristown: History and Modernity Combined

In the heart of New Jersey, Morristown is an undervalued choice for expats. It’s a captivating mixture of historical landmarks, like the Morristown National Historical Park, and a progressive economy with healthcare, education, and finance job opportunities. With its vibrant arts scene, diverse dining options, quality schools, and excellent recreational facilities, Morristown offers a thriving community where everyone that has just moved there can truly feel at home. Here, history meets modern living, creating a unique environment that is as enriching as it is engaging.

Making the Most of Your New Jersey Experience

Immersing in the local culture and commuting convenience of these underrated cities for expats in New Jersey is transformative. Broad job opportunities exist across varied industries, with networking events facilitating connections. Making friends can initially be challenging but rewarding. Joining local clubs, volunteering, or simply engaging with neighbors helps build relationships. New Jersey’s friendly residents make this process easier, turning a new city into a home.


These offbeat destinations, often overlooked yet full of potential, truly represent the most underrated cities for expats in New Jersey. With its unique charm and offerings, each city provides a vibrant and diverse setting for you to carve out your niche. From the lively streets of Hoboken to the artistic haven of Montclair, the coastal vibrancy of Asbury Park, and the historical allure of Morristown, there’s a place for everyone in New Jersey. Embrace these hidden gems, for they offer a place to live, a community to be part of, and an enriching lifestyle that could exceed your expectations. Here’s to your journey toward finding a home away from home in the heart of the Garden State!