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How To Involve Your Family Back Home When Expecting a Baby Abroad

expecting a baby abroad

Whether you’re a digital nomad that moves around frequently or a part of a couple that’s found their forever home, it can be stressful to be away from family when you’re expecting a baby abroad. However, there are plenty of things you can do to keep your family back home in the loop while abroad.

10 Ways to Keep Your Family in the Loop While Abroad

As a parent-to-be living abroad, it can be challenging to keep your family back home involved with updates. But with a little effort and some creativity, it’s possible to bridge the distance.

1. Plan a Visit (Before the Baby)

Plan a visit for your family to come and meet the new baby once they are born, or better yet, you can get on a plane before you’re expecting. Remember that you shouldn’t fly with a baby until their immune system is fully developed, which would take anywhere from 3 to 6 months.

2. Set Up Weekly Video Calls

Schedule weekly video calls with your family, so they can see your growing belly and hear the baby’s heartbeat. But don’t forget to update them about your trip! They’ll want to hear about the fun times you’re having and how you’re adjusting, even if the focus is on your new baby.

We recommend setting up a video call schedule. This way, your family is able to set time aside to speak to you. Ask your parents if they can bring everyone together once a month for a call.

3. Share Ultrasound Images

Share ultrasound images and videos with your family, so they can see the baby in utero. If you want to get creative, consider turning these ultrasound images into coasters or bookmarks. With that said, a simple picture is more than enough and can easily be sent via email or the cloud.

4. Send Regular Updates

It’s a good idea to send regular updates via email or text message to keep your family informed on your pregnancy progress and milestones. Instead of using an application, try a cost-free photo sharing site to easily share images of baby showers, weddings, and anniversaries.

While your family will appreciate seeing you and hearing your voice, that isn’t always possible. Try to contact them in other ways so your family understands you’re safe and healthy.

5. Use Instant Messaging Apps

Depending on your phone plan, it can be expensive to call or text your family regularly. Use instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp, WeChat, or Viber to stay in touch with your family in real time. Try to use a messaging app your family is familiar with and/or has a friendly UI.

6. Create a Shared Digital Space

The first thing you need to do is set up a shared digital space with your family members. Use a WhatsApp group or a Facebook album to share updates, photos, and videos of your pregnancy journey with your family. If you don’t want these images public, set up privacy permissions.

When it comes to photo sharing, some apps and websites are better than others. For example, Telegram lets you share files up to 1.5GB, which preserves the quality of your 4K images.

7. Send a Care Package

Send a care package to your family with items that remind them of the baby and your pregnancy journey, such as a photo album, a onesie, or a special ornament. Or, you could try making a scrapbook that includes a lot of free space, so your family can add their own photos and items.

8. Ask for Help With Baby Preparations

Ask your family to send you things you might need for the baby’s arrival, such as clothes, baby gear, or a special blanket. If you know a knitter, ask them to make something. Many children keep these gifts their whole adult life, especially if they don’t see the person who made it often.

Everyone knows that becoming a parent is difficult, so don’t feel ashamed to ask for help. There’s a good chance someone in your family is giving away clothes or items they don’t need.

9. Create a Baby Registry

A baby registry is a list of items that parents-to-be would like to receive as gifts, usually for a baby shower. This ensures they get what they need before they welcome a new addition. You can create a baby registry that your family can purchase items from, even when you’re abroad.

If you need these items right away, ask your family to buy them off of Amazon and ship them to you directly. Online shopping is perfect for perishables, such as baby food or infant diapers.

10. Share Your Baby’s Firsts

When your baby comes along, share their firsts with your family, such as their first smile, first steps, or first words via video call or photos. Encourage your baby to wave and “talk” to the camera. If you want to teach your baby how to speak English, these calls can be helpful.