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Discovering The Wildlife Of Kenya: A Safari Exploration


If you choose to make your way to Kenya for a safari in order to see abundant wildlife and a beautiful location, then you’ve picked a wonderful environment to explore!

A safari is one of the best ways to see what this beautiful location has to offer, and if you choose to go on one it will be a once in a lifetime trip. However, whenever you finally book your ticket, you might be a bit confused about what type of animals you might see on your safari, as well as what to really expect.

In order to make sure that your safari is the best safari that you can go on, knowing a little bit beforehand will be crucial. Here’s what you need to know and how to ensure that you have the best safari possible!

The Animals You Will See

Kenya has several reserves and national parks that all host a wide variety of classic animals, so if you want to check seeing some of these beasts off of your bucket list, then here’s some of the ones you can expect.

The Big Five Animals

The big five animals: elephants, lions, leopards, rhinos, and buffalos, have been called the most beautiful and majestic animals that you will ever see in Africa or on the African landscape, and for good reason as each animal has something special about them.

The power and sheer size of the elephant, the strength and horn of the rhino, the coat and speed of the leopard, the radiance of the lion as the king of the jungle, and the spirit of the buffalo.

All of these creatures awaken something primal upon their sighting, and they are also a great group of beasts to behold in their natural habitat. By looking at these wildlife, it becomes all the more clear why they need to be both revered and protected.

And if you really love Kenya’s wildlife, there are plenty of wonderful ways to contribute to the protection of its wildlife. From donations to volunteer work, there’s plenty of ways to give back to this amazing land!

Other Wonderful Animals

While the animals that make up the big five might be the ones you are most excited about seeing, there are tons of other animals in Kenya that you will be lucky to see on your safari. From giraffes, to cheetahs, to several cats, to massive herds of zebras, you will be able to look at dozens of animals.

Plus, not all the animals you can look at are on the ground, as many of them are also up in the air. Kenya is home to an incredible amount of bird species (close to 1,100 in fact) and all of them have color, majesty, and can make any trip even better as you watch them wheel about.

The water holds many creatures and secrets too, from the crocodiles to hippos, everywhere you look you are going to see something wonderful in this area.

Make Sure To Plan The Perfect Safari Adventure

Of course, even the most wonderful experiences in Kenya can be ruined by a bad safari. If you want to go to Kenya, make sure to get it right. For example, you can experience the best of Kenya with a holiday tour, and there are plenty of travel packages with various touring companies available. Make sure to do your research about the various lodges and tented camps you might stay at, and also look to be near wildlife hotspots such as national parks.

The less time you spend traveling to the game-filled location, the more time you have to actually view the animals you came to see, and you will get to look at some wonderful scenery too! So pick the best company and then get yourself on the best safari of your life!