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body and health

Why Should You Look After Your Body and Health?

No matter how minor your health problems are, they can obstruct or even overwhelm other aspects of your life. Even simple health conditions like aches, pains, fatigue, and indigestion can have a negative impact on your happiness and stress levels. One option for increasing your capacity to manage stress and feel better is to...

open a restaurant

How To Open A Restaurant In Another Country

If your dream is to open a restaurant, but you haven’t quite found the perfect opportunity to do so, starting one in a new country may be the right option for you. Opening a restaurant in a completely different country is a little more involved than opening one locally, but it can be an incredibly...

UK pensions

How Will Your UK Pension Be Taxed If You Move To Europe?

Many Britons have been putting their retirement plans to sunny southern Europe on hold for two or more years while the UK extracts itself from the EU. Covid lockdowns mean the opportunities to sell a UK home and buy a property in Europe have been limited. The ending of travel restrictions will release pent-up...