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Visiting Australia

Top Money-Saving Tips To Keep In Mind When Visiting Australia

For anyone visiting Australia, there are certain expectations. Stunning beaches. Kangaroos. The Sydney Opera House. These days, though, there is also the expectation that the price of your visit is on the higher end of the holiday scale. And not just for flights. Australia can be an expensive place once you are here spending Australian...

UK Inheritance Tax And Domicile

UK Inheritance Tax And Domicile – What You Need To Know Today

UK inheritance tax follows you around the world since it’s based on domicile, not residence. You could live abroad long term and still be liable for this legacy tax. Here, Blevins Franks look at key facts about UK inheritance tax and domicile and how it could affect your intended heirs. Written...

banking in australia

Banking In Australia

It is very useful to have access to a local account on arrival and Australian banks encourage you to open an account before you move to Australia.  You can open an account online up to a year before you arrive in Australia.  You can deposit funds in the account once opened but will only be...