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How To Write A CV For A Job Overseas

CV for a job overseas

You probably have a good idea of what’s expected on a CV in your own country, but when applying for international jobs there are a few additional points to bear in mind.   Here is how to write a CV for a job overseas.

By CV Knowhow Senior CV Consultant – Jen David

The most important thing is to tailor your CV to the market you are applying in – CV requirements differ from country to country, so make sure you do your research and include (or omit) all the pertinent information for your target market. For example, in many Asian and Middle Eastern countries, information such as your date of birth, nationality and marital status is obligatory on your CV. In other countries this would be a definite no-no, however, as personal details that have no effect on your ability to do a job are covered by anti-discrimination legislation and will be disregarded. The same often goes for photos.

If you’re applying for work in a country with a different language to your mother tongue, do make sure that your CV is either written by a professional CV writer from that country or that you have your own translation fully proof-read by a native speaker. Even if you’re applying between countries speaking the same language, your CV should take this into account – UK and US English, for example, have different spellings.

The tone of your CV may also need to change depending on your target country. Some countries, such as the UK and US, want a dynamic CV that shows your achievements and the value you can add to a company. In the Far East, a much more modest tone is expected.

Identify anything that could be seen by a recruiter as a barrier and use your CV to dispel any fears. You could highlight your understanding of other cultures and your international experience. State alongside your address that you are looking to relocate. Include a list of languages you speak and the level of fluency.

There are many ways you can make your CV attractive to an international recruiter, if you put some thought, effort and creativity into anticipating their expectations and needs.