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VINCI signs €500m contract for Strasbourg bypass

VINCI signed with the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, a concession contract with a duration of 54 years, for the design, financing, construction, operation and maintenance 24 km west bypass of Strasbourg, 2×2, connecting the north junction of the A4 / A35 at the junction south of the A352 / A35.

To improve mobility and road safety by reducing congestion around Strasbourg, the project will be fully funded by VINCI, without public subsidy. Design work and construction will last approximately 56 months and will be implemented by a consortium consisting of Dodin Campenon Bernard, VINCI Construction Earthworks, Eurovia, VINCI Construction France and VINCI Energies. Ingérop, CBDI IUR and ensure the project engineering.

During its design and construction, the project represents an investment of around 500 million euros, will generate about 1,000 direct and indirect jobs on average per year over the duration of the project. It will mobilize local expertise in maximizing the involvement of Alsatian economic actors.

Furthermore, it will integrate all sustainable development issues with the establishment of strong environmental measures during construction and an Environmental Management Plan for the entire duration of the concession. Finally, the creation of a multimodal platform serving individual and public transport users will facilitate the connection with other modes of transport in the region.

After the completion of the construction, operation, toll collection and maintenance of the infrastructure will be transferred to a dedicated company, VINCI Autoroutes subsidiary. It will benefit equipment (control and monitoring traffic, intermodal parking, carpooling) and connected next generation services.


Source: www.vinci.com