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UK Taxes on Income from the UK and Overseas?

I’ve been offered a post in the Middle East but I’m unsure what my tax position is. I have a property I own and one I rent. As I still have liabilities in the UK, with grown up children and standing bills to pay on my own house, I will need to repatriate money each month. Is my rented house income still taxable and would the money I repatriate be taxed in the UK, even though I would be working full time overseas?

Dean Power of The Fry Group says that, although you will be living outside the UK, this is likely to mean that you will be non-resident for UK tax purposes. “But your status would be determined under the Statutory Residence Test,” adds Power.

“As a non-resident, UK source income, such as income from property, would still be potentially taxable. You would need to register as a non-resident landlord with HMRC.

“You would not however be taxable on the money repatriated to the UK, again on the basis that you are considered non-resident.”


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