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Travel Insurance

International health insurance and travel insurance have some similarities in the sense that they both usually cover you for medical expenses abroad.
However, there are also some important differences between the two.

Travel insurance policies typically cover medical treatment if you fall ill abroad or have an accident while travelling. They usually will not cover you for ongoing treatment or for health problems that you already knew about before you left home.

Once you get back to your country of residence, a local or international health insurance policy will have to cover the costs – as travel insurance only applies while you are still abroad.

On the other hand, an international health insurance plan does not usually cover the cost of transporting you back to your country of residence if sufficient treatment is available where you are.

If you have to extend your stay or have to return home early because you or a family member have fallen ill, travel insurance will cover the costs of changing your flights and will often pay for your accommodation.

Travel insurance policies do more than to help you if you fall ill while travelling. They start working while you are still at home.

Should you have to cancel or delay a trip due to health problems, a death in the family or some work-related issues, a travel insurance policy often covers your cancellation costs.