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One of the best ways to prepare yourself for moving to a completely new country is to hear some first-hand accounts of people who have been there, done that, and are now enjoying life in a new culture. With inside knowledge on settling down halfway across the world, the following blogs are all founded by UK expats who document their own experiences adjusting to life in a foreign country and the adventures that come with it. update this list regularly so if the destination you were thinking about moving to hasn’t been added yet it may appear in the future.


UK Expats in Portugal

Around 60,000 Brits are thought to live in Portugal – although the number of expats from around the world is closer to 900,000! Portugal has seen a significant increase in the number of foreigners immigrating to the country in the past few years, with the lower cost of living, masses of culture, sunny weather, and friendly people all being reasons why.

If you’re thinking of a move to Portugal, there are a number of things you’ll need to plan for. This includes visa requirements, purchasing a property, organising the transfer of funds to Portugal, and settling into a new culture. Some great blogs to help you with all of these things and more include:


This Portugal travel blog is packed with insider tips for anyone planning a trip to Portugal or considering a more long-term move to the country. Julie travelled around over 30 countries before finally settling in Portugal in 2007, where she met her husband, Mike. Julie’s blog features hidden gems that you won’t always find on the beaten tourist trail, as well as practical advice and resources for expats in Portugal.

Algarve Blog is run by Dave & Alyson Sheldrake, who share their story about moving from the UK to Portugal’s beautiful Algarve coast. The couple purchased their home in the Algarve in 2006 while still working and living in the UK, and finally moved permanently to Portugal in 2011, setting up their own businesses and settling into a quieter, less stressful way of life.



General Expat Blogs

If ‘live abroad’ is on your bucket list, but you don’t quite have the where nailed down yet, there are a number of more general expat blogs that you’ll still find helpful. The following blogs can provide a great overview of popular UK expat destinations, as well as tips and necessary information on visas, job opportunities, finding accommodation abroad, and how to make the most of immersing yourself in a new country.

This blog has some great travel guides for popular expat destinations, as well as useful info on shipping your belongings to the other side of the world (without paying a small fortune to do so!).

This is a great one-stop blog for expat guides, resources, and services whether you’re just considering a move or are already living abroad. Expat Info Desk also has a forum which can be helpful for connecting with other travellers.

The Expater was written for women abroad in mind, with a host of travel guides and tips to keeping safe when on the road. Nina also shares interviews and stories from other female expats on their own experiences living in a foreign country.

Featuring travel guides, packing lists, numerous destinations guides, and information on working abroad or running an online remot business, Where in the World is Nina has some useful tips for anyone considering living and travelling abroad.

The focus of this blog is community – bringing expats together to connect and make friends when living in an unfamiliar part of the world. With over 2 million members, this site can be useful if you’re feeling isolated as an expat and would like to meet some like minded people.

Covering financial matters such as pensions, investments, tax, and property tailored specifically towards expats living and working abroad, this website has numerous helpful blog posts and case studies to help you get your finances in order.

Expat Network lists jobs, events, guides, top destinations, money q&a’s and more, this long-standing blog has thousands of useful articles for would-be expats and those already living abroad alike.


Choosing our top expat blogs

We have provided every blog on this list with this badge, so they can proudly display that they are recognised for being one of the best expat blogs in the UK.

For a brief insight into how we picked the blogs listed in this guide, we considered the following criteria:

Relevance: All the blogs listed above provide relevant, useful information for expats, whether you’re moving to a specific destination or simply looking for some entertaining anecdotes about life abroad.

Updates: We made sure to consider blogs that are regularly updated from people still living the expat life!

Layout: A well-structured blog with great photos creates a much better user-experience for readers, so this was one of our main criteria for selection.