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Top European Countries For Expats With Dogs


There is no need to emphasize how dogs are man’s loyal friends and how unique bonds we make with them. Every dog owner knows how quickly and naturally they become even more than a friend. Once adopted – they are very soon a family member. You share daily life and experiences with them. Therefore, doubtlessly, when you decide to move, you go altogether.




So, here you are, getting ready to go to Europe, preparing for a new story or a whole new chapter in your life. And novelty awaits your beloved dog, as well. We know expats with dogs will want to find a destination that every member of their extended family will love. Here are some useful tips on the top European countries for expats with dogs to make your decision easier.



Before you go: Pre-travel preparations expats with dogs need to do

Relocation is always a complex and challenging process. Since you have a four-legged family member, you will have to add some extra steps to your preparation.

When it comes to moving abroad with your pet, there are several pre-travel requirements you should take care of. They usually include your pet’s health certificate, passport, and micro-chipping. Also, you should pay special attention to what vaccinations are required in the country you are headed to – it’s important to research each European country’s specific rules and regulations. It is advisable to start preparing paperwork on time and check if there are any additional requirements for dog owners, specifically for the country you are headed to.


Pet-friendly destination: Top European countries for expats with dogs

Many European countries are (besides they are appealing and exciting places to temporarily or permanently move to) great options for expats with dogs, for they have a good reputation for being dog-friendly. We’ll consider factors such as dog-friendly places, outdoor spaces, and dog parks, as well as the overall attitude toward dogs in each country. Here you can find which are known to be the best and why.




Italians are known to be very welcoming and warm to foreigners in general. It turns out the same applies to your pet friends! The vast majority of public places are dog-friendly, including stores, eateries, transportation, shops and malls, and public areas – basically, almost everywhere you go. Northern Italy, in particular, is a region where dogs are allowed everywhere.



Assuming you have already explored some useful tips on living in France, their way of living, and how to settle in successfully, we will show you how you can all, including your fellow dog, of course, enjoy it.

France is generally considered a pet-friendly country, one of the top European countries for expats with dogs, and the French are huge pet lovers. Pets are welcome in almost every place you go, including cafes, restaurants, markets, and parks. Therefore, it will be easy for you to enjoy everyday activities together, but go on some adventures too – for example, visiting the old castles in the countryside!



Did you know Madrid is known for being one of the top pet-friendly cities in Europe and the entire world? The Spanish love pets. You and your dog will love it too, because of the nature and open space. Also, you can be assured that your dog will be well taken care of since there are plenty of services that will walk your dog, dog groomers that will give them the best look, and pet hotels where you can leave them without any worries. It could be an excellent choice for expats with dog family members who are thinking about moving to Spain.



Belgium is another country with a dog-friendly reputation. Traveling on Belgian Rail is easy and completely free for small pets, while a pet ticket for larger ones is available for a small price. Besides restaurants and cafes, parks and green spaces, on some beaches on Belgium’s coastline, the dogs are welcome to move off-leash.



More than half of households in Portugal own a pet, and the animals have been protected by law since 2014. As a dog owner, the chances are you are already used to walking often, and probably fond of nature, for it benefits both you and your dog. In Portugal, you can take nature exploration further and enjoy parks and beaches together. In case this lovely European country is the one that suits you the most, here you can find out more specific relocation details.



If you find Scandinavian stunning nature more appealing than the exotic destinations mentioned above, you should seriously consider Norway, also one of the pet-loving countries. As suggested by movingtransparent.com, parks and open spaces are known as places where both you and your dog could easily meet and make new friends – pet lovers who enjoy the outdoor activities as much as you do. Dogs are also very welcome to the patio restaurants whose meals you will love to try out.



Switzerland is home to some of the most dog-friendly cities in Europe. Many public places, including restaurants, hotels, and public transportation, allow dogs. Switzerland is also known for its beautiful hiking trails, which are perfect for exploring with your furry friend, in case you are a more adventurous type of personality.

As you can see, each country has its advantages and charm. Still, relocating from the USA to Europe with your dog is exciting, yet a big move you are about to make. It is preferable having a reliable and reputable moving professional by your side. Here, experts can jump in, for hiring a licensed and trustworthy mover will help you make the entire process smooth and simple for everyone.


Final move: Top European country for you

While most European countries are referred to as pet-friendly, we picked up some of the most wonderful and inspiring countries that could be a great fit for both you and your furry family members. Now, it’s up to you to find the one among various great options which will meet everybody’s needs in the best possible way. However, by choosing one of these top European countries for expats with dogs, your entire family can enjoy a fantastic adventure. This tough yet exciting decision depends on many personal preferences and factors. Still, because you have an extended family, the information above can help you make that final move!