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Top Careers For Digital Nomads

Careers For Digital Nomads

Employers and workers around the world have embraced flexible working in recent years, with 84% of professionals stating they base work opportunities on remote work options in a recent report.  With this in mind, The Social Hub has analysed 88 of the most popular careers and ranked them based on the percentage of remote jobs currently available for each on LinkedIn to identify the top careers for digital nomads. 

With remote work looking like it’s here to stay, more people than ever are breaking free from the 9-to-5 office life to become digital nomads. Sadly, not every job can be done remotely – which is why it’s important for aspiring nomads to pick a career that lets them work from anywhere in the world. 

Hybrid hospitality brand The Social Hub has helped narrow the search by creating a list of the top careers for digital nomads. For a new study they analysed 88 of the most popular careers and ranked them based on the percentage of remote jobs currently available for each. 

IT Data Analyst is the best career for digital nomads, with 19.3% of roles advertised as remote

The technology industry offers the best opportunities for digital nomads, with IT Data Analyst ranking as the top career choice, followed by Software Tester. Over 19% of roles for both these jobs are currently advertised as remote, allowing digital nomads the freedom to work from wherever they choose. 

Three other tech careers also rank among the top 15: Web Developer, Software Developer, Data Scientist and Computer Hardware Engineer. 

Product Marketing Manager ranks as the third-best career option for digital nomads, advertising 18.6% of jobs as remote, followed by Screenwriter (17.8%). 

The table below shows the full top 15 careers for digital nomads

RankOccupation% of jobs that are remote (worldwide)
1IT Data Analyst19.3%
2Software Tester19.2%
3Product Marketing Manager18.6%
5Web Developer17.1%
6Software Developer16.1%
7Engineering Manager15.9%
8Data Scientist14.1%
10Computer Hardware Engineer13.7%
11Business Analyst13.6%
13Social Media Manager12.0%

Methodology & Sources

To find out the best careers for digital nomads, we created a seedlist of 88 of the most popular jobs. We then researched the number of job listings currently available worldwide for each career using LinkedIn, as well as the number of remote positions listed, to work out the percentage of remote jobs available.

You can view the press release below or full research here: https://www.thesocialhub.co/blog/the-best-careers-for-digital-nomads/