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Top 5 Best Mountains To Climb Around The World

Best Mountains To Climb

Travel enthusiasts know traversing through the wilderness and exploring the unexplored can be a significant stress-buster. If you’re a hiking enthusiast, you must find accessible mountains to climb for the next trip. Options to consider are Mount Fuji, Mauna Kea, and Mount Kilimanjaro. You can explore the alpine meadows, snow-capped mountains, and breath-taking sunsets while trekking. It can boost your stamina and maintain physical fitness.



Here are the top mountains to consider for a scenic climb worldwide.


1.  Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji JapanAre you a fan of the hiking trails that offer some beautiful views and scenic terrains? If yes, then you must climb Mount Fuji in the Chubu region of Japan. The mountain trek provides you a picturesque view of the best volcano all over the globe. Also, the climb may take around 1 to 2 days and an overnight stay. You can take about four different routes to traverse through the mountain. Some courses that take you to the top are Yoshida Trail, Fujinomiya Trail, Subashiri Trail, and Gotemba Trail.

You get to see the Tokyo skyline and climb the 3,776m with some breath-taking landscapes around. Also, you can enjoy a quick weekend getaway to the beautiful terrains and the snow-capped peak. What adds to the appeal is the scenic view of the volcano at the end of the climb.



2.  Mount Aconcagua

Another beauty lying in the Mendoza province of Argentina is Mount Aconcagua. It comes under the ecstatic mountain range of the Andes and is home to some unique creatures. Also, you can climb the 7,000 m of aconcagua elevation in around 15 to 20 days. Make sure to do some physical exercise and maintain the fitness levels before embarking upon the hike. You can take any of the two routes, i.e., the Horcones and the Vacas Valley route. You get to enjoy the popular sites on your ways like Puente del Inca and confluence along with this.

With the lush-green terrains and breath-taking creatures, you can climb the mountain with minimal effort. But, make sure to book the trek beforehand and plan the journey. That way, you can save yourself from future hassles and experience the best mountain climb.



3.  Mauna Kea

Here’s the world’s highest mountain located in the spectacular region, i.e., Hawaii. You can explore the Hawaiian peak throughout the year and satiate the hiker within. Also, the mountain involves around 6,000m of climb and might offer you a sight of some majestic archaeological sites. After a few hours of climbing, you can gaze at the beautiful Pacific Basin’s highest lake. You can take the 9 km long route to reach the top of the mountain on foot. Along with this, the volcanic sites are a treat to the eyes after climbing for hours altogether. You might want to work on your fitness and enhance your stamina levels before starting the climb.

Hikers worldwide wish to trek the thrilling mountain and experience the best adrenaline rush. Not only will it ward off the work stress, but it also allows you to gaze at the best volcanoes on the continent. You can do some star-gazing and watch the serene sunrise views here as well.



4.  Mount Kilimanjaro

Are you a fan of the African mountains and the unique biodiversity of the region? If yes, then you must head out to explore the wonders of Mount Kilimanjaro. The mountain comes under the Tanzania region and requires top-notch fitness for the climbers to reach the peak. But, the aesthetic sites like Uhuru Park, Kibo volcano, and the National park make the climb worth all the effort. You can explore the glacial areas and gaze at the beautiful volcanoes of Shira.

While climbing, you are likely to come across five different vegetation. From the montane forests to the dry and snowy alpine regions, you can explore it all. Don’t forget to gather the essentials on your 5,895 m climb. Also, you might want to pack the raincoats and other necessities to tackle the emergency weather changes.



5.  Mera Peak

For all the professional trekkers who like to check off the significant mountains worldwide, the Mera peak is ideal. It is one of the highest peaks amongst the Himalayas and is around 6,476m high. Also, the peak lies in the beautiful region of Nepal and might allow you to gaze at the central Himalayan peaks. The peaks you can see from the top include Everest, Lhotse, Makalu, Cho Oyu, and Kanchenjunga. The trek offers a view of monasteries, rhododendron forests, and beautiful villages. Make sure to plan your trip and carry the necessary items along for maximum aid.



Final Verdict

Travelers like to enjoy the view at the top of the mountains and check off the popular mountain ranges. If you’re looking forward to exploring the world’s best peaks, then you must research first. Some famous peaks like Mera peak, Kilimanjaro, and Mauna kea offer a scenic view of the mountains. Also, you can observe the biodiversity and unique creatures along the way for maximum entertainment. Try to plan well and book the trip beforehand to avoid future hassles. With the alpine meadows and snow-capped mountains, you are likely to experience the best hike worldwide. Make sure to pack well and find out the ideal destination for your next trek.