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Top 15 Countries With Digital Nomad Visas

digital nomad visas


Digital nomad visas are a new way to live and work remotely in a different country. Read on to discover how these visas help travelers to live and work abroad. Learn about the top digital nomad visa countries and find out where and how to apply for these countries’ digital nomad visas.




This article was written for Expat Network by Emily Cotlier of  International Citizens Insurance 


Digital Nomad Visas Have Advantages

It’s often easier to apply for a digital nomad visa than for other types of residence visas because digital nomad visas are designed to be easy for those who qualify.

The benefits of a digital nomad visa goes beyond that of a visitor visa because most visitor visas are only valid for one to three months. Digital nomad visas are for longer periods, six months to two years or more.

Digital nomad visas also help you avoid tax problems around working while you travel. International tax can get complicated fast. With a digital nomad visa, you won’t have to worry about that. Just make sure you have your country of residence taxes covered. Want to know more? The New York Times has tax advice for US nomads, and the Guardian has advice for UK nomads.


What You Need to Apply For a Digital Nomad Visa

Most applications for a digital nomad visa require these items.

  • Passport
  • Extra passport photos of you (one to three)
  • Proof of income (a contract, a letter from your employer, business records, bank account statements)
  • Proof of savings (bank account statements)
  • An insurance policy or other proof of health insurance

Every digital nomad visa is different. For some, you may need to provide more data. And you’ll need to match the proof of income and savings for the specific visa.

Apply ahead of when you want to go by three to four months. For some countries, it may be easiest to work with a translator, lawyer or a visa professional.


Top Digital Nomad Visas for Europe

European countries are leaders in digital nomad visas. Some of these visas can be complex. For example, Norway’s digital nomad visa requires that you have a connection to a Norwegian business.

These choices provide the benefits of a streamlined digital nomad visa. Or, they reward a detailed visa application with a long stay in a desirable destination.

Most European visas for digital nomads are also Schengen visas. Schengen visas give you access to 26 European countries as a visitor.


Estonia – The Digital Nomad Visa Pioneer

Estonia wants to be the world’s most digitally advanced society and that includes welcoming digital nomads. The country introduced a digital nomad visa in August 2020. With its co-working spaces and start-up support, Estonia has everything digital nomads need.

How to Apply

Complete the application from Estonia’s focused e-resident Nomad Visa page. Then, make an appointment at your local Estonian embassy or consulate to apply. You can apply while you are visiting Estonia.


Hungary – A Digital Nomad Visa With Accessible Income Requirements

Hungary’s digital nomad visa is called the White Card. The White Card lets you live in Hungary and work remotely for up to two years. And White Card only requires a monthly income of 2,000 Euros. Hungary has a low cost of living for Europe, too.

How to Apply

you must apply from outside of Hungary. Download and complete the application from this page on Hungary’s immigration website. The application requires proof of accommodation. Then, make an appointment at your local Hungarian embassy or consulate to apply. You may want to apply with help from a translator, lawyer, or visa professional.


Malta – A Family-Friendly Digital Nomad Visa

The Mediterranean island nation of Malta is a great base for digital nomads. Malta’s digital nomad visa is family-friendly, including spouses, same-sex partners and children. And Malta’s warm weather, beach living and traditional fireworks guarantee family fun.

How to Apply

Visit the Residency Malta site and complete the application forms. You can apply entirely by email.


Iceland – Arctic Intrigue for Affluent Digital Nomads

Iceland seeks to draw the most affluent digital nomads, those making over at least USD 7,500 a month. This ensures that digital nomads can afford Iceland’s high costs of living. If you can afford it, you can enjoy 180 days living and working in this small, intriguing country.

How to Apply

Iceland’s Directorate of Immigration has a long-term visa for remote workers webpage. You’ll find the forms and instructions you need to apply. You can apply entirely by email.


Portugal – Digital Nomad Paradise After Paperwork

Portugal’s culture, climate, and cost of living make it a dream destination for digital nomads. Portugal does not have a specific digital nomad visa yet. Many digital nomads apply using Portugal’s retiree/fixed income visa, the D7 visa. Proof of income from overseas meets the visa requirements. With this visa, you can stay for one year. You can also renew for another two years, and apply for permanent residence after five years.

How to Apply

First, contact your local Portuguese embassy or consulate. Ask them for the forms you need. Expect to complete both the application form for a Portuguese national visa and a form for the D7 retiree/fixed income visa. Then, make an appointment at the embassy or consulate to submit your application in person.


Germany – Apply for a Freelance Visa to Live and Work Remotely

Germany also does not have a specific digital nomad visa yet. Germany’s Freelance visa can provide the opportunity to live and work remotely in Germany. This visa begins with a three-month period and can be expanded for up to three years. To apply, it’s best if you are a true freelancer with multiple clients. You will have some tax responsibilities in Germany, too.

How to Apply

The Make it in Germany national website includes the application form for a German national visa.  Start with this. Then, contact your local German embassy or consulate and ask about Freelancer visa forms. With these, make a formal appointment at the embassy or consulate to submit your application in person. You may want to apply with help from a translator, lawyer, or visa professional.


Top Digital Nomad Visas for Asia and Africa

Asia is just getting started with digital nomad visas. Its countries with these visas are already very popular. Africa’s island nations are also leaders in digital nomad visas, with quick applications and great facilities for long-term stays.


Taiwan – Accessible to Digital Nomads Thanks to the Gold Card 

Off the eastern coast of Asia is the island nation of Taiwan. Taiwan welcomes the world with its Gold Card visa. With the Gold Card, you can both work as a digital nomad and seek work in Taiwan itself. More, you can stay for up to three years. This visa is also family-friendly. You can bring your spouse and children. The visa even supports visits from your own parents and grandparents.

How to Apply

Taiwan’s Gold Card website has the information you need to apply. You can apply entirely by email and online forms.


Dubai in the United Arab Emirates – Global Hotspot for Digital Nomads

Dubai is the largest city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is famous as a hub for international workers and digital nomads. Dubai offers a fast pace, luxury living, and the chance to network with other global citizens. You can access this easily with the UAE’s Remote Work Visa category.

How to Apply

Learn about the UAE Remote Work Visa at the official site here. Submit the enquiry form and UAE Immigration will contact you with the Remote Work Visa application. You can apply entirely by email and online forms.


Mauritius – Fast and Simple Digital Nomad Visa

Mauritius is a tropical island nation, north of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. Their digital nomad visa is one of the quickest to get in the world! Direct flights from Europe bring travelers to Mauritius. Once you’ve booked your flight, apply for the Mauritius Premium Travel Visa. The visa’s proof of funds very reasonable, and your spouse can join you. It’s even free to submit your Premium Visa application and your visa is processed within 48 hours.

How to Apply

You need your flight booking to Mauritius in order to apply for the Premium Travel Visa, so the first step is to book your flight. You can apply entirely by email from the Premium Visa website.


Seychelles –  “Workcation” on Tropical Islands

For travelers, the Seychelles is a premium destination – a nation of 116 tropical islands off the east coast of Africa. Direct flights from London and Paris serve the Seychelles. The Seychelles Workcation Retreat visa lets you live in the Seychelles for up to a year. With this visa, you must choose lodging from a registered provider for Workcation.

How to Apply

Learn about the Seychelles Workcation Retreat program here. You need your flight booking and a lodging booking to apply. You can apply entirely by email from the Seychelles Workcation application site here.


Cabo Verde – Work Remotely From an Island Nation Close to Europe

Cabo Verde is another tropical island nation that welcomes visitors. Its location off the West Coast of Africa makes it close to Europe. Direct flights from Europe take only four hours. Cabo Verde encourages digital nomads to live everywhere in the islands, too. The country offers a six-to-twelve-month Remote Working visa and an affordable cost of living. You’ll have the freedom to be a real part of Cabo Verde.

How to Apply

You need a lodging booking to apply. You can apply entirely by email from the Remote Working Cabo Verde website.


Top Digital Nomad Visas for Central and South America

For decades, nomads have enjoyed Central and South America and many of these countries are now adding digital nomad visas. Many Caribbean and South American islands have digital nomad visas but it’s important to note that these visas may be costly, and the islands may have a high cost of living.


Barbados – Made Simple With the Welcome Stamp Visa

Barbados makes being a digital nomad simple with their Welcome Stamp visa. The island nation is a top pick for its beauty, good cost of living, and lower risk of hurricanes. Nomads sharing their stories about Barbados talk about the friendliness, the safety, and being able to get Wi-Fi on the beach. School-aged children can come to Barbados with you. The Welcome Stamp visa even supports you bringing your pets!

How to Apply

You can apply entirely online from the Barbados Welcome Stamp website.


Panama – US Dollar Economy and Great Support for Digital Nomads

Panama’s digital nomad visa allows for a stay of nine months and can then be renewed for another nine months. For this visa, the visa fee and monthly income requirements are both modest and you’ll get to enjoy the beauty and culture of expat-friendly Panama.

How to Apply

Contact Panama’s National Immigration Service and have your passport information at the ready. They have options for Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Telegram. This article from LexLatin lists what you will need for the application. You may want to apply with help from a translator, lawyer, or visa professional.


Mexico – Digital Nomads Benefit From the Non-lucrative Visa

Digital nomads who love Mexico have a special option. Mexico’s temporary resident or non-lucrative visas let you live and work remotely in Mexico for up to four years.

How to Apply

Start with a visa application form, linked at the bottom of this page. Make an appointment with your local Mexico embassy or consulate to submit your form and discuss your specific visa. Expect to follow up with a trip to Mexico for a temporary resident card. You may want to apply with help from a translator, lawyer, or visa professional.


Brazil – A Star Destination for Digital Nomads

Brazil’s vibrant culture, warm climate and low cost of living make it a favorite for nomads. Now Brazil has a digital nomad visa, the RN 45 visa. This visa is for one year and comes with the option to renew for a second year.

How to Apply

The Brazilian Embassy for the UK has a good explanation on their website. Start with a visa application form then make an appointment with your local Brazil embassy or consulate. Expect to provide both uploaded and printed forms and documents and you may want to apply with help from a translator, lawyer, or visa professional.


Upcoming Digital Nomad Destinations

More countries will be creating digital nomad visas in 2022 and 2023. These countries include Spain, Belize, and South Africa. Keep an eye on your favorite destination as they may be next to join the countries with digital nomad visas.




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