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The Top 5 Popular Countries To Emigrate To Outside Of Europe!

Popular Countries To Emigrate To

The Netherlands is of course a beautiful country, but sometimes we decide to leave our little country and settle somewhere else. Every year, about a million people leave the Netherlands to start their adventure abroad, and it’s getting more and more. Of course, the world is very big, and there is an endless list of wonderful places that give us the chance to have wonderful new experiences. So how can you choose?



Written exclusively  for Expat Network by John Baloto of The Relocator


The Relocator has decided to help you make that choice, and we have compiled a list of 5 very popular destinations outside of Europe for those who want to leave all our clogs, tulips and syrup waffles behind. Take a quick look at our top 5 countries to move to!


Destination #1: New Zealand 

New Zealand is often described as one of the most beautiful countries in the world. With its beautiful nature, friendly people and strong economy, it has earned a place on our list of top destinations. Many know New Zealand as the landscape from the films of the Lord of the Rings universe, but New Zealand is a country where you can constantly discover new and exciting things. The Kiwis (as New Zealanders often call themselves, but perhaps also the birds) are extremely social and open to new people. The political situation here is also calm and very democratic; the Prime Minister was just the first person in the world to have a child while in office and return to work in no time!



Destination #2: Canada

Number two on our list is (not surprisingly) Canada! Canada has been named by the UN as the country with the most comfortable and pleasant living conditions in the world (and yes, even winter is pleasant). Canada is known for some of the famous clichés that make the country attractive, namely: exceptionally friendly people, cities bursting with culture, absolutely beautiful and vast nature, one of the richest countries in the world, maple syrup (yum), harsh winters and beautiful summers. Suffice it to say that Canada is a country full of magical landscapes, friendly people and exceptional culture. 17.8% of those who want to emigrate from the Netherlands go to Canada; we at The Relocator understand their motivations very well!



Destination #3: Australia

Dream country number three is Australia. It’s a very popular destination for us, and for good reason! Myths (untrue) persist that Australians can’t get angry, that animals all try to kill you, that forest fires burn down half the country; yet the people are happy! Perhaps all this happiness comes from the endless sunshine, the delicious food, the beautiful landscapes, the booming economy and Masterchef Australia (chances are very good it will be the last). Australia benefits from glorious sunny beaches and fantastic weather, and you will be actively drawn to its bustling cities, pristine nature and unique wildlife, such as kangaroos and koalas!



Destination #4: Thailand

Thai cuisine is, in our opinion, one of the most delicious (and spicy) cuisines in the world. Many people want to immigrate to Thailand because of its amazing culture and peace. Thailand is known as both a vacation destination and an emigration destination because of the nature, the animals, the delicious food and the warmth of the Thai people. Of this list, Thailand is really the country most people want to emigrate to. The culture shock can be something difficult, and not everyone is prepared for it. The same goes for the climate, it’s definitely not for everyone. The reasons to move to Thailand are as varied and exotic as the country itself, and for those who dare, moving to Thailand may well be one of the best decisions of your life!



Destination # 5: America

America, the land where dreams come true, as they say. America is a very popular destination for a move from the Netherlands these days: 5.6% of Dutch emigrants moved to America last year. America is probably the country where you will find the most diverse landscapes and cultures, from alpine peaks to Hawaiian islands and volcanoes. Emigrating to America is not that easy, and there are certainly some steps to follow if you want to arrive and stay there. Nevertheless, there are many people who vacation in America for the first time and fall in love with this uniquely beautiful, complex and diverse country. Are you one of those people? We have our fingers crossed for you to help make your dream come true!



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