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The Countries For The Cheapest And Most Expensive Beer Around The World

The Cheapest And Most Expensive Beer Around The World

If you like a beer when travelling around the world this survey from finder.com will help to understand where you will find the cheapest and most expensive beer around the world and how this compares with beer prices in the UK and US.

A recent study conducted by  finder.com compiled data on the average prices of beer in the most populated cities around the world. The analysis looks at 166 countries so you can find out where your city ranks. 

Across the world, a pint of beer costs £2.60 on average. In the UK, the average beer costs £5.90, making it significantly more expensive than the global average.

  • A pint of beer in the UK is 127% more expensive than world average of £2.60.
  • In the US at £6.22 it is 139% more expensive than the global average.
  • The cheapest pints of beer on earth are sold in Burundi at an average price of £0.46. 
  • 4 out of the 5 most expensive cities with the most expensive beer are in the Middle East.
  • Reykjavik sells the most expensive beer Europe with an average price of £7.81 per pint.
  • The top 5 cities with the cheapest beer are all in Africa.

The most expensive pints of beer in the world on average are sold in Qatar, with higher prices on average than runners-up UAE (£9.93)  and Oman (£8.68). The cost of a pint of beer in Qatar has decreased by 7.9% to 10.47 from £11.37 in 2022, according to price comparison website finder.com

The most expensive places to drink a pint in Europe are Iceland (£7.81) and Norway (£7.13), closely followed by Switzerland (£6.54) and Finland (£6.33). 

The United States is the 9th most expensive country for beer on average, with a pint costing £6.22 on average. Meanwhile, a pint down under in Australia, will set you back £5.01 on average. 

Cheapest pints in the world

If you’re looking to save money when spending overseas, the African continent seems to offer more accessible prices. Burundi takes the crown for the cheapest price, with a pint of beer costing only £0.46 on average. The rest of the top 5 cheapest countries include: Lesotho (£0.62), Libya (£0.69), Togo (£0.73) and Malawi (£0.74). 

The cheapest beer outside of Africa can be found in South-East Asia, with pints costing only £0.79 in Laos, and £0.84 in Myanmar and Vietnam. 

The cheapest beer in Europe can be found in Moldova with pints costing only £1.36 on average, closely followed by Kosovo (£1.44), Belarus (£1.69) and Bulgaria (£1.70).

Most expensiveCountryAverage price of a pint

CheapestCityAverage price of a pint
7Sierra Leone£0.75


The numbers in this piece are based on data from cost-of-living sites Expatistan and Numbeo as of June 2023. The majority of values were averaged from the two sites. In the few cases when this was not possible, data from Numbeo or Expatistan was used alone.