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The Best Value Locations For A Winter Holiday Home

winter holiday home


Are you looking to escape the cold, dark evenings and frosty mornings of winter in the UK? If so, you may wish to buy a holiday home in a location that is warm and sunny during this time of year. Chris Nye at Property Guides rounds up the best value locations for a winter holiday home.




Madeira, Portugal

Madeira’s climate, often described as “eternal spring”, is a key attraction of this beautiful island. It is mild all year round. Even in January and February, you’ll experience temperatures of around 19 °C during the day, although you may need to wear a few layers in the evening. Sunshine hours vary and the cloud can be changeable depending on where you are on the island. However, the weather is generally very pleasant throughout the seasons.

If you wish to invest in a property in Madeira, you could do so through Portugal’s Golden Visa scheme. It attracts many expats to the country every year. A simple investment is all it takes to gain five years of residency, with the opportunity to apply for permanent residency and citizenship. During those five years, there is no need to physically relocate there.

In terms of property prices, they can be very reasonable. City apartments in the capital, Funchal, are priced from around €120,000. However, there are plenty of rustic homes and renovation projects in villages for less than €100,000.


Canary Islands, Spain

If you’re looking for great weather all year round, the Canary Islands are a fantastic choice. Closer to the west coast of Africa than Spain, the location means you will enjoy sunshine all year round. The temperatures average at 17 °C in the winter and 24 °C in summer thanks to a cool offshore breeze. As well as this, the Canaries get over 2,800 hours of sunshine a year – that’s at least 1,400 more than the UK!

The Canary Islands could also be a good place to invest in a property. The main island, Gran Canaria, has one of the highest annual rental yields in Spain. The Canary Islands also remain a very popular tourist destination.

Compared to the rest of Spain, the cost of buying property in the Canary Islands is relatively low. However, with seven islands to choose from, property prices can vary from island to island. You can find some very reasonable, small villas in coastal Fuerteventura for under €100,000. Tenerife and Grand Canaria offer plenty of choices, with both livelier and quieter areas that boast a whole range of prices.



If you are looking for a late-season holiday home, then Turkey is a brilliant choice. However, only certain spots will deliver the winter sun you’re looking for. In western Turkey and on the southern coast, there’s a mild Mediterranean climate during the winter months. Try the Aegean Coast, Marmaris, Bodrum, Antalya or the Turkish Riviera for a late-season beach holiday.

In September of this year, the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey said that the average house is 4,054 Turkish lira per square metre or around £294 per square metre. Although house prices have risen recently, they remain extremely affordable. Antalya ranks as the number one place in Turkey for foreigners looking for a holiday home and prices per square metre are below the average at 4000 lira per square metre.

Didim on the Aegean coast has long been a favourite with British expats and has extremely affordable property prices compared to other areas in Turkey.


Florida, USA

Florida KeysHead to Florida in the US for some guaranteed winter sun and affordable property prices.

During the winter months in Florida, naturally, the temperatures are slightly lower compared to the hot summers. However, it won’t get much colder than 16 ºC, even in January. You’ll also miss the wet season, which lasts from May to October. The dry season lasts from November to April with low levels of humidity, clear skies and mild temperatures.

You can buy affordable property in close proximity to either incredible beaches or attractions such as Disneyland and Universal Studios. Additionally, there is no state income tax, and any retirement income is exempt from state taxation. While the cost of living in Florida is around the US national average, you will pay below the odds for goods and services. However, make sure to be aware of homeowners insurance, which can be costly.



Sharm El SheikhWinters are mild and sunny in Egypt, with the average high of 23 °C in Sharm El Sheikh during December. The sea is also incredibly warm at around 24 °C, so you will be able to enjoy a pleasant beach holiday here. However, make sure to pack some layers for the evening, as it can get quite chilly when the sun goes in.

Property prices in Egypt are extremely affordable and could make for an excellent investment. You can get a 2-bedroom apartment in the beach resort town of Hurghada for as little as £15,000. A beachfront property could cost up to £300,000, however. The cost of living is also very reasonable, even in popular beach resorts.