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Thales and Siemens Win Spanish Rail Contract

A joint venture of Thales and Siemens has won a €34.8m (£24.7m) contract on the Chamartín-Torrejón de Velasco section of Spain’s high-speed rail network.

The contract covers signalling facilities, train protection systems, fixed telecommunications and centralised traffic control, including work on the 7.3 km long Atocha-Chamartín tunnel.

The 37km project will connect the Madrid-Valladolid-North high-speed lines with the Madrid-Seville-Southeast Spain high-speed lines.

Siemens Rail Automation will be responsible for modernising the Trackguard Westrace technology electrical interlocking located at Chamartín station and its extension as far as the new southern head of Chamartín station, and will undertake adjustments to the Centralised Traffic Centre (CTC) responsible for the Madrid-Valladolid and Madrid-Southeast Spain high-speed lines. It will also  provide its ASFA train protection system in the Atocha-Chamartín tunnel and on the track section up to Torrejón de Velasco.

Siemens Rail Automation will install its Clearguard FS3000 line circuits along with LED signals and associated cabling, and will carry out auxiliary civil engineering works as well as the construction of a technical building in Chamartín.

Thales will take responsibility for extending and adapting the existing protection system in Chamartín station, including the modification of two control centres. It will also provide systems including train protection equipment, security systems and fixed telecommunications to the Chamartín and Torrejón de Velasco section to facilitate the circulation of trains. In addition, Thales will extend the train traffic control and protection facilities at the Torrejón de Velasco junction on the Madrid-Seville high-speed line, with the necessary technology for the link with the new line.


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