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Terrorism Disruption Cover Part Of New Travel Plan

Voyager Insurance Services has launched Voyager Plus Travel Insurance, which rebrands and replaces its former WEBroker Travel Insurance product with new features.

The plan includes the following new features added for 2017:

  • No upper age limit for single trips
  • Emergency medical expenses increased to £20 million
  • Ability to increase cancellation cover up to £10,000
  • Ability to increase annual multi-trip maximum trip duration to up to 62 days
  • Sports equipment and cycle insurance option
  • Enhanced trip disruption option now includes disruption due to an act of terrorism.


Voyager’s research has shown that over 51% of travellers now rate the risk of their holiday or travel plans being disrupted by an act of terrorism as the biggest single thing they are most concerned about.

This option now includes up to £5,000 terrorism disruption cover for cancellation, curtailment, travel delay, abandonment, missed departure or additional accommodation costs as a result as of an act of terrorism affecting any point of arrival or departure in a pre-booked itinerary or occurring within 40 miles of the booked accommodation within 31 days prior to departure or during the trip

The option also continues to cover travel disruption situations not normally covered by travel insurance, such as volcanic ash causing closure of airspace and having to remain abroad and incur additional accommodation costs, or even having to cancel or come home if the Foreign & Commonwealth office or World Health Organisation issue a new directive against travel to or a need to evacuate from the country you are travelling to.


Voyager Plus maintains the following features including:

  • Available to UK and EEA residents in pounds or euros
  • Kids go free on family policies
  • Product as standard covers leisure, business and cruise trips
  • High levels of standard cover including £5,000 cancellation or curtailment and £2,000 baggage
  • Stable medical conditions do not require screening or any additional premium
  • Cover for single trips up to 24 months in total (up to 18 months without referral)
  • Cover for one-way trips with up to 31 days cover in destination country
  • Already travelled cover –for people who have forgotten to arrange cover or who are unable to extend another policy while abroad.