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Tendeka wins contract for ICD Technology, Malaysia

Tendeka has signed a two-year agreement with SapuraKencana Energy Peninsula Malaysia Inc. (SKE) for the exclusive application of Tendeka’s FloSure Autonomous Inflow Control Device (AICD) valves. The contract was awarded through Tendeka’s partner in Malaysia, Aemos.

The work will include modifying existing ICD screens to incorporate Tendeka’s AICD valves on the SKE-operated East Belumut oil field. The field is located about 160 miles offshore Peninsula Malaysia.

Early water or gas breakthrough can result in lost recovery, lost revenues and reduced well life. Tendeka’s AICD, part of the company’s fully integrated sandface completions solution, self-adjusts to choke back zones where unwanted water or gas breakthrough has occurred to promote oil production.

More than 10,000 FloSureAICD valves have been installed to date globally in light and heavy oil wells, ensuring uniform production longevity and increasing production rates by up to 50% in comparison to passive inflow control technology.

“We are delighted to have been awarded this contract, our first AICD technology in Malaysia,” Gillian King, Tendeka’s V.P. of APAC, said. “Detailed analysis of the field’s reservoir characteristics indicate it is a perfect application for our technology, and the modelling shows significant productivity improvements. This will be the first deployment of AICD technology within SKE-operated assets.”


Source and Link: Worldoil.com