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TAP awards 3 pipeline equipment contracts

Trans Adriatic Pipeline AG (TAP) has awarded three contracts for the engineering, manufacturing and delivery of 48” and 36” fittings, isolating joints and scraper traps. This equipment will perform various key functions, and will be installed along the TAP route, in line with the project technical specification.

Industria Meccanica Bassi was  awarded two contracts: first, for engineering, manufacturing and delivery of 48” and 36” piggable T-pieces and welded elbows of different characteristics and, second, scraper traps units for intelligent pigging. Piggable T-pieces will enable the connection with the block valve and compressor stations while scraper traps will facilitate the cleaning and control of the pipeline.

Nuova Giungas is the successful tenderer for engineering, manufacturing and delivery of 48” and 36” isolating joints. These will isolate different cathodic protection systems that avoid corrosion.

Ian Bradshaw, Managing Director at TAP, said: “I want to congratulate Industria Meccanica Bassi and Nuova Giungas for their very robust technical offers, know-how and safety track record. Also, I would like to thank all the companies who participated in these rigorous tendering rounds.

“In line with our procurement schedule, TAP will award several large contracts by the end of the year, including line pipes as well as onshore and offshore engineering, procurement and construction. This will enable pipeline construction to begin in Greece, Albania and Italy in 2016 as planned.”

The award of contracts for engineering, manufacturing and delivery of fittings, isolating joints and scraper traps concludes TAP’s pre-qualification process (launched in May 2015), followed by bid assessments from the shortlisted companies that met TAP’s rigorous pre-qualification criteria.

This year TAP has awarded several contracts: construction and rehabilitation of access roads and bridges in Albania (April 2015), large diameter ball valves and actuators (July 2015), and turbo compressors (September 2015).

Source:  www.oilandgastechnology.net