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Wealth Management For Expats

As an expat you are often in your best-earning years while overseas, so you need to make sure you are saving and investing tax-efficiently and getting good advice from people who understand your residence and tax situation.  Here are some issues to consider. Residence Residence is a key issue when determining whether you are...

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U.S. Taxes For Expatriates – Pitfalls And Traps

To ensure a smooth tax-filing process be well informed. Having residency in a foreign country without exploring tax ramifications could mean paying more than expected to the U.S. government or home state with possible penalties and interest. This article was written exclusively for Expat Network by American Expat Tax Some important considerations include… Foreign earned...

UK Expats: Does The Self-Assessment Tax Return Deadline Affect You?

Each year, countless people leave the UK for foreign shores, chasing a new life or career. Yet this break from Great Britain may not be clean in the eyes of HMRC, who could disagree with your ‘expat’ status. This article was written exclusively for Expat Network by SimpleTax Many non-resident Britons still face obligations when it...

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Expats: Consider The Basics Of Wealth Management

In managing your money you may wish first to consider your residence and tax situation before looking at the principles of investing. By Iain Yule First of all – where are you resident? If you are British, make sure you are truly UK non-resident, meaning you do not have to pay UK income tax (and...

New UK Income Taxes May Affect Expats

The way income from dividends, savings interest and renting out property is taxed is changing dramatically in the UK. Make sure you know how you may be affected. Read more

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I Want To Be UK Tax Resident

In February 2015 I received my UK residence permit.  I am married to a UK resident and now live in the UK.  I own a holding company based in Canada from which I earn dividends. I have not received any dividend income since arriving in the UK and I have filed my 2014 return with...