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Mortgage Payments

Beware The Mortgage Payment Holiday For Buy To Let

With the current Covid crisis many banks are offering mortgage payment holidays in accordance with UK government policy.  However, the consequences for buy to let investors need to be considered to ensure it does not impact your credit for future investments. As England moves into its latest full lockdown and banks once again offer...

expat lenders

Expat Lenders Keep Expat Mortgage Deal Flowing During COVID-19

Just one month after the UK government effectively put large parts of the UK property market into a form of hibernation, evidence is emerging that many specialist UK expat mortgage lenders are finding ingenious ways of keeping expat house purchases moving and delivering completions. Written for Expat Network by Guy Stephenson of Offshoreonline With much...

high risk insurance

High Risk Insurance For An Increasingly Volatile World

Standard travel insurance does not generally cover you for high risk areas, such as warzones, crisis and disaster relief zones and specialist providers have developed to meet the need.  Kidnap and ransom can happen anywhere, but there are higher risks in some areas, and policies to support you and pay the ransom, if the need...