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Swap The Metropolis For Hidden Pleasures Of A Tiny City

There are many myths about expat life in Luxembourg, and one of these is that it is boring.

David Charter of The Times sets out the hidden benefits of life as an expat in Luxembourg once you get to know your way around.


This sponsored article is published in full here: www.thetimes.co.uk/article/swap-the-metropolis-for-hidden-pleasures-of-a-tiny-city


Luxembourg is not London. The only things they have in common are eye-watering central property prices and a highly international and mobile population. The city of only 114,000 people is perched on a dramatic cliff in a scenic country the size of Northamptonshire nestling between Belgium, France and Germany.

It suffers from several myths, including the popular belief that workers pay little or no tax — this is not true, as any rueful expat will tell you. Special tax status is reserved for big corporations such as Amazon, which have their European headquarters there.

Another myth, according to expats, is that its size and levels of wealth make it boring. This was the preconception of many who came for a few months but ended up staying decades because of the quality of life they found…Read more