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Strabag Wins Singapore Sewer Contract

Singapore’s Land Transport Authority has awarded Strabag subsidiary Ed Zublin a €85m (£65m) contract to expand the city’s sewer network.

The company’s pipe jacking division will install a total of 112 shafts and 9.8km of sewer pipes in two lots. The project involves pipe diameters between 300mm and 3.1m.

The first lot includes rerouting the existing municipal sewer lines and the construction of 57 shafts and a 5.6km sewer within a project schedule of 27 months. All prefabricated elements will be produced and delivered by a Züblin-owned factory in Malaysia.

The second lot of the contract includes preparatory works for the construction of the Singapore metro and the further extension of the sewer network. Züblin will build the 55 shafts and a 4.2k sewer pipe within a period of 25 months.


Source and Link: The Construction Index