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SNC-Lavalin picked for Grand Paris Express

A consortium led by SNC-Lavalin has won the contract to manage construction of Line 18 of France’s largest-ever public transport project.

Société du Grand Paris (SGP) awarded the project management assistance contract for Line 18 of the Grand Paris Express to Linéov Group, which is made up of SNC-Lavalin, Algoé and Transamo. The contract covers covers both the supervision of the construction and operations of line.

SNC-Lavalin will advise SGP on project management as well as overseeing all the contractors and suppliers involved in the Line 18 project, which includes 14km of viaducts and substantial technical, environmental and heritage constraints.

The 36km Line  18 will link Orly Airport with the city of Versailles. It will include 10 stations, three of them air terminals, within a larger 200km, 68-station network. Commissioning of the first phase is planned for 2024, followed by a second phase in 2030. As well as a connection to Orly Aiport, the line will provide connections with Lines B and C of the regional fast-transit system, Réseau Express Régional (RER).

As an ancillary service for SGP, SNC-Lavalin will also carry out a pre-project audit for the southern extension of Line 14 of the Paris metro, to be built by RATP and Aéroports de Paris, co-principals in this project with SGP.

“We are very proud to be participating in the largest public transit project ever launched in France,” said Eric Gratton, vice-president, cities and transport, SNC-Lavalin.

“We are very happy to play a key role in this monumental project that is vital to France’s transportation network,” said Marc Rivard, executive vice-president, infrastructure engineering, SNC-Lavalin. “Once operational, the Grand Paris Line 18 will offer commuters a wide range of time-saving travel options in and around Paris and Orly while providing countless environmental benefits.”


Source and Link:  The Construction Index