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Siemens in key Abu Dhabi airport expansion deal

Siemens, the global technology powerhouse, has joined hands with Abu Dhabi Airports to launch a number of key capacity expansion initiatives at the UAE capital’s airport for significantly improving its overall operational efficiency.

The projects are part of the upgrade of the baggage handling system at the capital’s airport, aimed at increasing its capacity and ensuring it is equipped with the right infrastructure needed to cope with the expected passenger growth, said a statement from Abu Dhabi Airports.

In Terminal 1, Siemens is adding new baggage conveyor lines and a fully automated hold baggage screening system, along with explosives trace detection equipment (ETD).

This new system replaces the current manual screening in the lobby of Terminal 1 and Terminal 1A, freeing up space in the terminal entrance for departing passengers, and new retail facilities, it stated.

In Terminal 3, upgrades include doubling of check-in capacity and expansion of the baggage sorting areas.

Ahmad Al Haddabi, the chief operations officer, said: “Abu Dhabi Airports has been closely monitoring passenger growth at the airport and implementing development plans that will cater for the increase in traffic. The upgrade to the baggage handling system is another key initiative being completed to ensure efficient flight operations and convenient passenger experience.”

Abu Dhabi Airports, he stated, was working closely with Siemens to make sure that normal airport operations continued to run as smoothly as usual with minimal disruption to people traveling.

This project is scheduled for completion in early 2016, said Al Haddabi.

Siemens has successfully completed several projects at Abu Dhabi International Airport including the delivery of a new transfer baggage facility in Terminal 3 and installation of baggage handling system for the first US pre-clearance terminal in the Middle East.

Source:  Trade Arabia