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Securing Your Health Abroad: The Importance of International Health Insurance in Nigeria

International Health Insurance in Nigeria

Are you planning to move to Nigeria? It is important to remember that health care abroad can be costly and it’s vital to ensure you are protected with adequate health insurance. Read this guide to learn more about what international health insurance in Nigeria means for you.

What is International Health Insurance?

International health insurance covers medical bills incurred while travelling or living abroad. It provides coverage for necessary medical treatment, hospitalisation and repatriation in the event of an unexpected illness or injury sustained during your travels. This type of policy will typically cover all your essential travel health needs, including pre-existing medical conditions, emergency evacuation to a hospital and even travel to your home country if necessary.

Why Do I Need International Health Insurance in Nigeria?

The cost of medical care in Nigeria can be expensive and access to quality health care is not always easy to come by. Therefore, it’s important to have international health insurance that can cover you in the event of an emergency while travelling or working in Nigeria. In addition, health insurance can also provide access to specialist care and treatment which may not be available within the country.

Understanding the Healthcare System in Nigeria

Nigeria’s healthcare system is a mix of public and private providers. The public health system is overseen by the Federal Ministry of Health, which provides services through a network of primary health centres, general hospitals and tertiary hospitals. However, the public sector faces challenges such as underfunding, inadequate facilities and a shortage of trained healthcare professionals.

On the other hand, the private healthcare sector has grown rapidly and plays a significant role, particularly in urban areas. These private facilities often provide better quality of care, with more sophisticated technology and skilled professionals, but they can be costly.

Despite these efforts, Nigeria still struggles with a high disease burden and a low life expectancy. For these reasons, having international health insurance is particularly important for travellers, to ensure access to the best possible care in case of unexpected health issues.

What Should I Look For When Choosing International Health Insurance?

When selecting international health insurance in Nigeria, it is important to consider all the coverage options available. Look for a policy that offers comprehensive coverage in the event of an emergency, including hospitalisation and repatriation to your home country. Make sure you check all the exclusions and limitations before signing up for any international health insurance plan.

What Should I Do In Case Of An Emergency?

If ever you are faced with a medical emergency while travelling in Nigeria, the first step is to contact your insurer and notify them of the situation. Your insurer will be able to provide you with further advice on how to receive medical care and the necessary paperwork that must be completed. Make sure you have all your insurance documents on hand at all times during your travels.

What Should I Avoid Doing In Case of An Emergency?

In the event of a medical emergency whilst travelling in Nigeria, there are a few critical things you should avoid doing. First, do not delay in reaching out to your insurance provider. Any delay could complicate your claim process. Secondly, try to avoid self-diagnosis and undertake treatments without professional medical advice. This could potentially worsen your condition. Lastly, do not neglect to maintain all necessary documentation related to your medical condition and your insurance claim. Neglecting these documents could lead to difficulties in your insurance claim process. Understanding what not to do can help you navigate through a medical emergency more smoothly whilst abroad.

International health insurance plays an important role in providing financial protection while living abroad. Researching the healthcare system in Nigeria and understanding how to navigate through a medical emergency can help you prepare for any unexpected scenarios. With adequate coverage from international health insurance, you can have peace of mind knowing that your medical needs are taken care of when being an expat.