Securing Global Life Insurance – The Easy Way

No one really wants to deal with the matter of life insurance.

That’s because it’s so often confusing, mind-numbingly dreary, and a gloomy topic. Yet for most of us, it’s difficult to be financially secure without it.

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If you have loved ones in your care, or someone who relies on your financial support (a relative, a spouse or a child, for instance), life insurance is frequently an indispensable necessity.

An international or global type of life insurance policy could prove most suitable.


Opting for Global Life Insurance

Naturally, you want to ensure that you and those close to you are protected wherever you find yourself worldwide.

That is often why global life insurance, as distinct from local equivalents, works best. Depending on your circumstances or preferences, there are potentially many reasons why you may find global life insurance preferable, introducing as it does several advantages over the traditional country or territory-bound insurance:

For example, when you relocate to another address or even another country, you do not have to change a thing except provide the company with your new address. If you so wish, nothing else has to change, not even your premium payment details.

More importantly perhaps, is a potential benefit regarding claim pay outs. The proceeds of a global life policy flow directly to the insured or beneficiary. There is no obligation on the part of the international insurer to make any deductions for tax, estate duties, levies, creditors, processing or other charges unless requested to do so.

Additionally, proceeds are paid in hard currency, wherever on the globe you or your beneficiary are. And you only need to make that decision at the time of the claim.


Here’s how to secure global life insurance the easy way:

There are today numerous reasons why obtaining insurance online is the preferable route.

Firstly, the Internet offers both convenience, privacy and comprehensive security with reputable insurers. In most cases no salesperson will call, and you won’t be subject to pestering if you decide not to buy.

Online usually means getting fully under cover in just a few minutes, as distinct from the traditional agent or broker route of approval taking several days, weeks or even months.

Online also makes the comparison of premiums and terms so much easier.

The Internet is quickly developing financial literacy, even for those least interested in the subject. People who favour their own research rather than relying on others, find applying for and securing life insurance online convenient, easy, clear-cut and effortless.

One only has to answer a handful of straightforward questions, and no medical examination or bodily fluids are needed. The insurer then uses algorithms to assess and make a real-time decision as to whether you qualify for cover.

If approved, cover can start that instant if you wish.

However, whilst buying life insurance online is the quickest, simplest and easiest way to get instantly under cover, not everyone is eligible. The best way to find out if you qualify is to apply for an online quote.


Advantages of online Global Life Insurance:

A global life insurance policy that for example, provides protection for Death, Disability, Terminal Illness, Disappearance or other risks, means that the following often applies to the insured person:

  • Immediate, 24/7 Global protection is activated
  • Full Death, Disability, Terminal Illness, Disappearance and other benefits apply
  • Up to US$ 500, 000 cover and more may be applied for
  • No medical examinations or bodily fluid tests will be demanded
  • All forms of Coronaviruses are usually covered
  • Securing this cover can be made from the comfort of your office or home, without having to deal with a salesman.
  • Premiums are appreciably lower than for those of “permanent” whole of life insurance, allowing one to buy significantly more protection and benefits at a younger age, when one’s need is usually greatest, yet one’s income lowest.
  • You often have 14 days to examine the policy and, if you so wish, to cancel for a full refund of any premiums paid, no questions asked.
  • Apart from leaving a legacy, it is an ideal way to match cover with specific needs. These needs may for example, decrease over time, such as dependent children who eventually grow up and become independent, elderly loved ones who may be dependent for some years, a home mortgage that is ultimately paid down, other reducing debts and final expenses. It may also provide a welcome “buffer” in a time of crisis.


Regarding online global life insurance, you may for example want to explore Global1Life. Underwritten as it is by a highly reputed insurer, part of the largest non-banking financial services group in the region, they guarantee not to bother you if you decline to pursue their quotation.


Request a free online quotation – No salesperson will call:

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