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Saudi Arabia approves $282m contracts

Saudi Arabia has approved contracts worth SR1.06 billion ($282.27 million) for 168 municipal projects in 14 governorates, the Saudi Press Agency has reported.

The projects include storm water drainage systems, walkways, environmental health projects, seafront development and construction of municipal buildings and public facilities as well as several consultancy contracts.

Of these, projects worth a total of SR157.73 million ($42.04 million), including public parks, walkways, cultural centres and water networks, will be carried out in the Riyadh province, while SR174.55-million ($46.5 million) contracts will be implemented in Jeddah, a spokesman for the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs said.

Among the key projects in Jeddah are the development of the South Corniche and a study on improving the city’s performance.

Similarly, projects worth a total of SR45.5 million ($12.12 million) have been approved for Madinah. They include irrigation lines and a livestock market as well as the maintenance of Al Baqee Graveyard.

In the Eastern Province, approved projects include technical supervision of municipalities, studies on disability-friendly cities, operation of municipal laboratories, completion of northern Al Khobar Corniche, development of a number of Dammam districts, rehabilitation of rainwater drainage plants, a vegetable and meat market in Al-Khafji and a garbage disposal plant in Al Qaissoumah, among others. The projects cost a total of SR113.42 million ($30.23 million).

Meanwhile, the total contracts awarded in Asir Province amounted to SR103.27 million ($27.52 million). These include maintenance of street lamps, projects to prevent floods, rainwater drainage, and maintenance of drainage canals in Mahayil Asir, Tanoumah, Dhahran Al Janoub, Sarat Obeidah and Al Farshah. Other projects in the region include natural recreation centres, public parks and walkways in Balqarn and Ahad Rufaidah.

In Al Qassim, projects worth a total of SR127.85 million ($34.08 million) will be implemented. They include rainwater drainage projects in Al Mudhnib, Al Rass, Al Bikeiriyah, Al Nabhaniyah and Al Ammar; parks and walkways in Unaizah, Dhrayyah and Al Bikeiriyah; a vegetable market in Abnat and standby electricity generators for Al Qassim Municipality.

Separately, contracts worth a total of SR42.62 million ($11.36 million) will be implemented in Makkah. They include preparation of plots for the planned district in Al Bayda, management, operation and maintenance of a garbage dumping ground and securing cleaning equipment for the municipality, among others.

New projects worth SR54.9 million (14.63 million) will be implemented in the Taif governorate, while the contracts allocated for Jazan are worth a total of SR87.39 million ($23.29 million). They include drainage projects in Jazan and Abi Areesh, parks and walkways, maintenance and irrigation of green areas in Samta and Al Darb, and building concrete barriers in Faifa to protect roads from rock falls.

Projects worth a total of SR45.6 million ($12.15 million) have been approved for Najran and include developing of unplanned districts, beautifying and improving the gateways of the city, garbage disposal, and filling the swamps in Bakhbash.

Projects worth a total of SR25.27 million ($6.73 million) will be implemented in Hail. They include rainwater drainage systems, recreation parks, garbage collection and disposal, among others.

Other projects worth SR26.25 million ($7 million) have received the go-ahead for the Northern Borders; SR4.37 million ($1.16 million) in Al Ahsa; and SR50.86 million ($13.56 million) in Baha.


Source & Link:  Trade Arabia