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Salini-Impregilo signs deal with PNG

Salini-Impregilo signed an agreement to jointly develop a $2 billion hydro project in Papua New Guinea for Hydro Project.

The Government of Papua New Guinea and Salini-Impregilo have signed an agreement to jointly develop a hydroelectric project of 1800 MW. The agreement signed with the second largest nation in Oceania after Australia regards the development of an infrastructure, whose planned investment exceeds two billion dollars.

Papua New Guinea has a strong energy demand, especially now that the Government is stimulating economic growth through a better production, transmission, distribution and retailing of electricity to businesses, industries, urban centers, and families throughout the country. The project identified by the agreement with Salini-Impregilo includes the construction of the Karamui dam in the Simbu province and is a priority for the country’s infrastructure development.

In Papua New Guinea, a country one and a half the size of Italy but with only one tenth of the Italian population, the infrastructure sector is all to be developed. The agreement with Salini-Impregilo forms part of the Government’s activity aimed to satisfy the need for roads, highways, airports, ports, communication systems and power generation. Needs that, among other things, show a growing demand for tourist infrastructures and the export of natural resources that the country has.

Salini-Impregilo is present in over 50 countries worldwide. In Oceania it is engaged in the North West Rail Link with the construction of a new subway line in Sydney, the largest public transport infrastructure project currently underway in Australia and the largest in Sydney since the construction of the Harbour Bridge, which took place almost 100 years ago.

With the agreement signed with Papua New Guinea, Salini-Impregilo adds another country to its international arena where it is the world leader in water infrastructure, with over 230 dams built.

Source: www.salini-impregilo.com