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Protechnique bag $80m Iraq water project deal

Protechnique has been appointed as the  main contractor for the $80m Basra Water Pumping Station by  P2R.Iraq’s Ministry of Municipalities and Public Works (MMPW).

The Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) are funding the development as part of Package 2 of the Basra Water Supply Improvement Project (BWSIP).

Construction works are going to commence next month, and Protechnique expects to complete its scope of works by December 2018.

Aows Abdulla, Protechnique’s management director of the Middle East region, commented: “It is an unprecedented opportunity to be involved in a project that will undoubtedly support the supply of potable water to the denizens of Basra.

“At Protechnique, we believe it is our utmost duty to give back to our cherished community so that we may all thrive. In addition to its communal benefits, this JICA-funded project will give our company a new international dimension that will assist us in reaching as many beneficiaries as possible.”

Daniel Park, Protechnique’s regional director for Asia, added: “Working on such a project is a monumental success, and my team and I [will use] all the resources within our power to ensure the realisation of this milestone development.”

P2R was announced at the beginning of 2016. Protechnique was selected as the main contractor for the project from a pool of competitors that included Toyota, Al Ghanem Construction, Arab Contractors, and Terna SA.

Protechnique will provide engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) services for the project’s transmission reservoir and transmission pump station; chlorine building; blending chambers; electrical substation; generator building; in-plant and yard pipes, valve chambers, and flow meter chambers; watch towers; onsite roads; guard houses; and ancillary facilities.

Once completed, P2R will operate in conjunction with BWSIP’s other pumping and circulation stations, P3R and P4R, to pump water from a desalination plant to Basra, according to Constructionweekonline news report.

The initiative’s desalination plant, which has already been completed, was built by a joint venture between Hitachi and OTV.

Source: www.venturesonsite.com