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Pöyry awarded Lao Hyropower plant contract

Pöyry awarded extension to owner’s engineer services assignment for the Xayaburi hydropower plant, Lao PDR.

Xayaburi Power Company (XPCL) and the Government of Lao have awarded Pöyry an extension to the owner’s engineer services assignment for the site supervision of the Xayaburi hydropower plant on the Mekong River, Lao PDR.

The project will provide clean, renewable energy to Laos PDR and Thailand and, with an installed capacity of 1285 MW, replaces the existing inefficient diesel power plants in the Luang Prabang and Xayaburi provinces. It is the first large power plant on the lower Mekong river and has, over the past few years, successfully achieved a number of important milestones and is ahead of schedule.

Pöyry has assisted XPCL and the Government of Lao, as defined in the Concession Agreement, in the re-design of the project to create a landmark power plant on the lower Mekong, setting a new benchmark for the economic and environmental standards for future power plants on the Mekong River. This re-design has concentrated mainly on the optimisation of the fish migration facilities, sediment transport and navigation locks, with substantial progress achieved in applying the latest technical and scientific knowledge. The project will deliver one of the most sustainable hydropower plants in the world.

“Pöyry’s world class hydropower consulting expertise has helped Xayaburi Power to reach the important milestones in the project, Pöyry has also assisted XPCL to ensure the prevention of environmental risks, including fishery resources conservation and sediment routing” says Thanawat Trivisvavet, Managing Director of XPCL.

“Delivering clean, renewable energy, projects like this can aid economic growth and social progress and help alleviate poverty in developing countries. This project further strengthens Pöyry’s position as one of the world’s leading hydropower engineering consultancies” says Richard Pinnock, President of Pöyry’s Energy Business Group.

The value of the order is not disclosed. The order was recognised within the Energy Business Group order stock in Q2/2016.

Source:  www.poyry.com