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Passport And Visa Requirements For Cyprus

visa Cyprus
Citizens of EU countries and 35 other countries do not require a visa for stays for up to 90 days.  Entry via the Turkish occupied northern areas is illegal and a stamp in your passport from past visits to the north can cause problems.

Short-stay/multiple entry visas are generally valid for one year, and allow visits for leisure or business purposes provided the total duration of the stay does not exceed three months in a six-month period.

For visits longer then three months a long-stay visa is required for employment, study or business purposes.

If you are planning to work in Cyprus you must apply for a work permit before arriving in Cyprus.  The employer normally applies, having provided proof that there is not a qualified Cypriot available.  The maximum stay subject to some exceptions is four years.

Temporary Residence Permits must be obtained if you plan to stay longer then 90 days.  There are self-employed, permanent employment and non-working (retired) categories available.  If you do not have a job you will need to provide evidence that you can support yourself financially.

Cyprus launched its ‘F visa’ scheme in 2012 which allows you to gain residence rights based on your property investment.  The requirement is for a property of €2m or more or invest at least €2.5m (where part of a larger group of shareholders) or invest €5m in the Cypriot economy.