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Nesma secure $1.75bn infrastructure project

Saudi contractor Nesma & Partners has secured $1.75bn contract from the Umm Al Qura for Development & Construction Company for infrastructure work on the King Abdulk Aziz Road in Makkah.

The road project is a major one planned to help alleviate pressure in the city, and is one of several key strategic development projects being implemented in Makkah by the private sector. Authorities say the project will help the city to achieve its stated economic, social and urban development goals and contribute to better services for pilgrims and visitors to the Holy City.

King Abdul Aziz Road project is located in the western part of the city of Makkah, extending for a length of 3,650 metres from the western entrance of Makkah (the intersection of Jeddah highway with the third ring road) up to Jabal Omar Project, and passes through some unplanned settlements. The total area of the project is around 1.2 million square metres.

This project aims to fully support the government’s strategic plans to redevelop some of the least developed districts, upgrade the existing infrastructure, and create a major movement axis in the city of Makkah comprised of a wide road that acts as a gateway to the city and incorporates future transportation technology.

Source: Construction Week Online

More info: http://tinyurl.com/poqmewv