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National Voter Registration Day In The US

National Voter Registration Day

With the US election in November fast approaching the US Vote Foundation is encouraging everyone to register to vote whatever their political views.

National Voter Registration Day is part of the campaign to ensure as many people as possible register to exercise their democratic right to vote.


September 22, 2020 was National Voter Registration Day in the US, which is intended to focus attention on the need to register and vote. They encourage people to tell others about the resources available from U.S. Vote Foundation and Overseas Vote, which is a nonpartisan, not-for-profit, civic organization and therefore a trusted resource for nonpartisan voter services and information for this election.

There is a special section for US expats overseas and in the military on the site. The Overseas Vote (www.overseasvotefoundation.org) initiative has all the equivalent services as those for people still living in the US.

You can get ready for Early Voting, check options for how to Return your Absentee Ballot, or confirm that You Still Have Time to Register and/or Request a Ballot.

All of these options are open to you and none of the deadlines have passed yet – even though voting has already started.

Here are more tools and information that will make your voting easier this year:

Ballot Return Options – see the ways you can return your ballot
Early Voting Date Ranges – check for early voting in your state
Voting Methods and Options – check all the ways you can vote in your state
Election Dates and Deadlines – these vary by state, check yours
How-to Voting Videos – how to check if you are registered, request a ballot and more!
Top 15 Absentee/Vote-by-Mail Questions – get the answers right now!

The mission at the US Vote Foundation is “Every Citizen is a Voter”.