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Nakheel awards Van Oord Deira Islands deal

Master developer Nakheel said that it has appointed marine engineering contractor Van Oord to deliver 23.5km of coastline and breakwaters at Deira Islands in a deal worth $149.7 million.

The contract includes beaches, quay walls, rock edges and breakwaters at Deira Islands, its new, 15.3 square km waterfront city in Dubai which Nakheel is transforming into a hub for tourism, living, retail and entertainment.

The two-year contract – stage one of Nakheel’s water edge delivery programme at Deira Islands – includes 8.5km of beaches, 3.5km of quay walls and 9.5km of rock revetments at two of the four Deira Islands.

The work includes a 4km stretch of waterfront, big enough to accommodate more than 500 yachts and boats, at the 4.5 million square metre south island. Van Oord will also build 2km of breakwaters to protect the newly-created basin and beachfront.

Nakheel has previously hired Van Oord for dredging and coastal work on Palm Jumeirah and The World which added 300km to Dubai’s coastline. Deira Islands will add another 40km, including 21km of beachfront.

Deira Islands, one of several Nakheel developments underway, will feature hundreds of new hotels, serviced apartments, mixed-use buildings and marinas.

Nakheel itself is developing a significant chunk of the south island with a host of new attractions including Deira Islands Night Souk, Deira Mall, and Deira Islands Towers and Boulevard.

Source:  Arabian Business