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Moving Back to the USA After Time Abroad? 4 Tips to Make it an Easier Transition

moving back to the USA

America is the land of opportunity, but plenty of US citizens head overseas to further their careers, see the world, meet new people and broaden their horizons.  When the time comes to return home, there are all sorts of administrative challenges involved, as well as cultural and emotional obstacles to overcome. So what can you do to minimize the stress and anxiety that comes with moving back to the USA following a prolonged period living elsewhere?



Get your finances in order

There are a few money-related preparations you need to make, and the two most important are creating an emergency fund to cover unexpected expenses and ensuring that you’ve got a US bank account in your name.

Don’t just assume that an existing bank account that has lain dormant during your travels is still open and accessible to you; check with your provider and open a new one if necessary.

Saving to create a financial cushion is worthwhile because even the best-laid plans might get derailed, and you want to know that you won’t be left destitute when moving back if something does go awry.


Hire an experienced moving company that handles international moves

The single biggest challenge you’ll face in the process of returning to life on US soil is uprooting all of your possessions and bringing them with you across borders and boundaries.

That’s where a high-quality moving company is worth its weight in gold. And it’s sensible to choose one that’s based in the region you’re moving to.

For instance, getting in touch with a moving company in New Orleans that has a track record of helping customers get their belongings from A to B, even if that involves international travel, will give you the smoothest possible experience.


Start the ball rolling as soon as possible, especially when it comes to property

Whether you own a house overseas that you need to sell and you intend to buy a place in the US with the proceeds, or you are just going to be renting, you can’t afford to leave any of this to the last minute.

The property market is a fickle beast, and it could take months to complete even the smallest aspects of the simplest transactions. So as soon as you’ve decided that you’re moving back, don’t delay setting this in motion.

In terms of viewing properties to buy or rent, it’s much easier to do so without having to travel, thanks to virtual home tour technologies that are common across the real estate sector today. Finding a good agent or broker that you trust will also save you from a lot of the pain.


Plan your transport carefully

When the big day arrives, and you’re finally winging your way back to your home country, the last thing you want is for the vibe to be spoiled because the travel arrangements are less than ideal.

It’s not just a case of booking a flight that aligns with your schedule and accounts for any time differences between your departure and arrival destinations. You must also organize transfers to and from the airports and keep abreast of any travel restrictions and documentation requirements, depending on where you’re flying from.


Finishing up

Don’t kid yourself that moving back to the US after time abroad will be easy. Equally, don’t be too fearful of what you’ll need to do to get back home, as anyone who prepares thoroughly and gets started sooner rather than later will avoid most major pitfalls.