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Mott MacDonald wins HK flood prevention contract

Mott MacDonald has been appointed by Hong Kong’s Drainage Services Department (DSD) on a scheme to improve drainage in the north of the New Territories

A drainage masterplan (DMP) review study completed by Mott MacDonald in 2011 identified that drainage improvement works were required to meet the required flood protection levels. This took into consideration the latest land use changes and potential future developments.

Mott MacDonald will now establish 1D river/pipeline and 2D fine-grid ground models for seven locations. The company will also undertake reviews, surveys, investigations, option appraisals, impact assessments, preliminary engineering and landscaping design. It will also hold public consultations.

Sai Ching, Mott MacDonald’s project director, said: “Our previous DMP review took into account various factors, such as sedimentation at the downstream of main channels, mangrove growth at river estuaries, updated extreme rainfall and sea level statistics and mean sea level rise due to climate change. Drawing on our past experiences of the project will help us provide innovative drainage improvement solutions in the near future.”

“Using a 2D grid model to generate the overland flow will give a better description of flooding in terms of extent and duration.”

Mott MacDonald’s commission is due to be completed in the second half of 2017.


Source and Link:  The Construction Index