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Need to make a currency transfer?

Most expats need to make international payments of some sort. Whether it’s to pay a mortgage overseas, transfer their pension, or to send your salary to a bank account back home, expats are always looking for the best solution that will save them time and money and take away the stress.

Save time and money

Most people will just ask their bank to transfer their money to an overseas bank, but probably aren’t aware that they’re getting a worse rate and inferior service.

Step forward World First. An award-winning currency exchange company, World First provide great exchange rates that mean your money could go so much further compared to using your bank – you could save up to 4% of the amount being transacted.

Plus, you get access to a best-in-class online platform that lets you deal around the clock, and your own dedicated contact that’s there at the end of the phone line, and can provide help and assistance. Plus they answer every phone call in three rings – great if you hate being stuck in an automated system.

Any other benefits?

As well as the great rates and service, you’ll also benefit from faster international payments, zero to low fees, a free rate alert service and all the necessary safeguards to ensure the security of your money.

Regular payments

Many expats need to make payments every month. Imagine if there was a way where you wouldn’t have to lift a finger. Well, with World First, you can set up your payments to be made automatically.

For example, if you’re sending home your salary, you can choose to fix the exchange rate and know that whatever happens with the rate, what you receive will not change. If the rate goes against you, you’re unaffected, having already agreed your rate in advance. This gives you peace of mind, and is great for budgeting.

Or if you’d prefer, simply take the rate on the day every month.

A range of products

Spot contracts – the best exchange rate on the day for you to make the transfer there and then. Ideal if you need the money sent straightaway.

Forward contracts – Fix an exchange rate for a payment up to three years ahead. This means the rate is fixed, regardless of exchange rate movements.

Currency options – the best of both worlds. Fix a rate for the future – protecting yourself from negative movements in the exchange rate – while also benefitting if the rate moves in your favour.

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First class service, extremely helpful staff, rapid transfer (less than 24 hours in total from order placement to completion), excellent rate – I shall certainly be using World First again for currency transfers.’ – Expat Network Member