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Missing Home: 7 Tips Expats Can Do To Cope With Homesickness



Living in another country can be exciting. You get to meet new people, immerse in a different culture, and acquire new experiences.  However, this exhilarating feeling may not last for long. When you are settling in another country, it is common to miss home.  There is nothing wrong with homesickness. However, you can do something to cope with it.



Acknowledge Your Feelings

The first thing that you need to do is learn to acknowledge your feelings. It is alright to feel homesick, especially when you’re in the process of transitioning.

Hence, give yourself enough time to accept this and confront whatever you’re feeling. Don’t be afraid to seek out your friends’ comforts and look at your situation in a more positive light.

Start telling yourself that you are not the only person out there who is experiencing this uncomfortable situation. Many expats before you have felt the same unpleasant experience. It’s simply part of your journey abroad.

You might also want to engage in some self-reflection through journaling. Some root causes of homesickness are:

  • Missing friends, family, and loved ones
  • Loneliness
  • Stress or anxiety

It can also be a combination of all three. After you’ve worked these out, think of healthy ways to cope and alleviate these feelings.


Beat Boredom

One of the biggest catalysts for homesickness is boredom. The more you’re thinking about wanting to go home, the more you miss being there.

So, see to it that you are taking care of yourself both physically and mentally. Stay active and busy by going to the gym, taking a class, volunteering, or signing up for activities in your local area.

Being out and about is one of the best ways to meet new people, experience new cultures, and stay healthy and fit!


Make New Friends

Homesickness can be overwhelming. So much so that it can hinder your productivity.

Luckily, the solution is simple. Make new connections!

But you might think: Where do you even start?

Well, these days, it’s easier to stay connected. There are many ways you can meet new people. All you need to do is to start putting yourself out there.

Do you like jazz? Slam poetry? You can use sites like Eventbrite to look for exciting events that might be happening in your area.

The more niche the event is, the more likely you’ll feel connected with people who are passionate about the same topic and make it easier to break the ice.


Stay in touch With Friends and Family

As soon as you feel that you’re starting to miss home, don’t hesitate to reach out. That feeling of being disconnected from your loved ones can only be resolved if you actively seek out that connection.

Although it might be tempting to allow friends and family to reach out to you (not the other way around), you must stay proactive about it.

Find the support that you need instead of just waiting around for it to come to you. If you miss someone, then don’t hesitate to call them. If you need someone at that moment, let them know.


Make Your New Home a Home

You might also want to redecorate your place so that it will start to feel a lot more like “home.”

For instance, you might want to buy indoor plants, a painting to spruce up your apartment, or a comfy blanket.

At Planet Maids Cleaning Service NYC, they always tell their clients that a clean home is a productive home. As such, you have to get rid of the clutter and decorate it the way that best showcases your personality.

Moreover, sprucing up your new home can make it a comfortable place to live in.


Immerse Yourself in the Culture

One of the effective ways to beat homesickness is traveling and immersing yourself in a new culture.

Take your time exploring the new country you’re living in, as traveling brings in good energy and happiness.

Start to come up with a bucket list of all the things that you wanted to see. Immerse yourself with local culture as well.

Eat local food, listen to their music, get to know the locals, and learn more about their culture and traditions. Over time, you’ll learn more about yourself as well.


Take Care of Yourself

During the transition process, make sure that your physical and mental health gets the top priority. You can engage in healthy practices like yoga, meditation, and exercise.

These practices allow you to stay centered and mindful. Plus, it helps you reduce the feeling of homesickness.

But more importantly, taking care of yourself means that you can enjoy your new place longer.


There is no doubt moving to a new country is never easy. It can be challenging adapting to a new place and a new environment. So, start being proactive about it, and fill your spare time with personal interests.



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