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Mexico’s Top Destinations For Expatriates


If you’re dreaming of moving to Mexico for an enriching expat life, know that it’s a land that offers much more than beautiful beaches and sunny weather.  Whether you’re seeking peace in quaint colonial towns or the hustle-bustle of dynamic cities, there’s somewhere perfect for everyone. Let’s look at a few of the top locations preferred by expatriates to help you make a decision.


Cancun isn’t just a popular vacation spot. It’s also beloved by expats for its sunny weather and beautiful beaches.

The city offers diverse lifestyle options, from tranquil beachside living to vibrant downtown life. And if you’re into watersports or simply adore seaside views and tropical climates, Cancun can be a delightful choice.

In addition, it boasts an international airport making travel easy, high-quality healthcare facilities, and loads of entertainment with its rich Mayan cultural heritage sites nearby.

Plus the cost of living is relatively low compared to other International destinations, meaning your retirement fund or income will stretch further here.

San Miguel de Allende

Known for its vibrant arts scene and colonial architecture, San Miguel de Allende is a refuge for expats looking for culture and charm. This UNESCO World Heritage Site offers an enriching historical ambiance alongside modern amenities.

Life here moves at a gentler pace, perfect if you’re seeking tranquility away from fast-paced city living. It’s home to a tight-knit international community too, so settling down won’t feel as daunting when there’s people with shared experiences around.

Lastly, quality healthcare services are accessible and the cost of living allows comfortable lifestyles without having to worry about breaking the bank.

Mexico City

As the nation’s capital, Mexico City is characterized by its stunning blend of old-world charm and modern dynamism. If you thrive on urban energy and love exploring arts, culture, gastronomy, you’ll find plenty to enjoy here. From iconic landmarks to sprawling parks, it truly offers a richly diverse living experience.

The city also boasts an international airport with excellent connectivity worldwide making travel effortless for expats. If you want more info on Mexico City and other tips to make relocating easier, check out this expats’ guide to move to Mexico.

Puebla City

Puebla City, nicknamed the City of Angels, is an excellent choice for expats. It’s a thriving city offering modern comforts while beautifully preserving its colonial charm and cultural tradition.

Renowned for Talavera ceramic tiles and fantastic cuisine such as the famous Mole Poblano, you’ll find that life here is culturally enriching. Its close proximity to Mexico City also means regular amenities and services are never too far away.

Although the cost of living can vary, it’s generally more affordable than in larger cities. So overall it’s a wonderful place if you’re looking to blend authenticity with comfort, while also saving money.

Puerto Vallarta

If you dream of living in a coastal paradise, Puerto Vallarta can make those dreams come true. Famous for its stunning beaches and breathtaking sunsets over the Pacific, it’s loved by expats who enjoy outdoor activities or simply relaxing amidst beautiful landscapes.

The city’s boardwalk is full of life with many restaurants offering local and international dishes. There are vibrant art scenes too if you’re inclined towards cultural experiences.

Despite being a tourist hotspot, it’s not too costly to establish a home here if you’re going to become a permanent resident, which is a benefit of this and many other Mexican destinations.

Final Thoughts

Mexico truly offers a broad spectrum of destinations for expats looking for their next home. In these prime locations, you’re sure to find unique charms that resonate with your lifestyle and tastes. Whichever place sparks your interest the most, if you start planning today you’ll soon be able to embrace Mexico’s welcoming culture.