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Taking A Pet To New Zealand

When considering taking your pet with you to New Zealand you should ensure you understand what is involved and be confident that your pet is fit enough to make the journey and to settle in to a new life with you in New Zealand.  You will be responsible for its well-being and for ensuring that…

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Banking In New Zealand

There are five major banks (ANZ, ASB, BNZ, Kiwibank, and Westpac) and a number of smaller banks in New Zealand.  There are also credit unions and savings banks (similar to building societies or savings and loans) which offer many of the same services and, like banks, are supervised by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand…

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retire in spain

The Best Places To Live Or Retire In Spain

Having made the decision to move to Spain what will determine which region you choose to live in? Here we set out the attractions of some of the most popular locations to retire, take up a new lifestyle working for yourself as a digital nomad or by using your trade or profession. The capital city…

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banking in spain

Banking In Spain

When moving to a new country you should take a look at your banking arrangements.  It is generally possible to use your existing bank from your home country for many purposes, but it is worth opening a local Spanish account for most people.  International Online Banks You can also consider using one of the growing…

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New Zealand

New Zealand – Land Of The Long White Cloud

Thinking of moving to New Zealand?  It is one of the most popular destinations for people wanting to move to a more relaxed and healthy outdoor lifestyle. New Zealand, with its unique blend of Maori and European cultures combined with spectacular scenery, is one of the most popular destinations for both tourists and emigrants.  In…

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the IB

Getting More Out Of The IB

A guide to the International Baccalaureate for parents whose children want to create social change… Is the IB the right fit for your child? Helping your child choose the next step in their education can be a particularly stressful time for parents. There are so many options available but the most important piece of advice…

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International Schools Continue To Expand

Over recent years there has been a significant growth in the number of international schools set up around the world. Traditionally the preserve of expats, they are increasingly fuelled by the growing importance of the English language in global business. International schools are now being used by parents as a choice to educate their children…

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expatriate children adjusting

Expatriate Children: Adjusting to a New Environment and Taking Over the World!

While there is no denying that expatriate children have certain invaluable opportunities by being exposed to different (and often multiple) cultures, there can also be a big price to pay: these children may find themselves feeling sad and alone a great deal of the time while being challenged to make new friends and integrate into…

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Make Music With Your Toddler

7 Ways To Make Music With Your Toddler

Living as an expat with young children can be challenging. Mum is often carer, playmate and teacher all in one.  Avenues for interaction and education are not as straightforward when you’re living in an unfamiliar place and structured classes for things like music can be difficult to find. The great news is, there’s lots of things…

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Great Move

How To Achieve A Great Move Abroad

Katia Vlachos, born of Greek parents in Cameroon, has lived as an expat in Paris, LA, the Netherlands, Vienna and Zurich and so is well placed to write on living the expat life. At the London book launch of her new book, A Great Move, she outlined her top seven tips for a successful expatriate…

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