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Living In Edinburgh: What You Need To Know



Over the last ten years or so, Edinburgh has become one of the most popular places to live for people in the UK and beyond. But what can you expect from a move to this historic city, and is it right for your specific needs? To help you decide if Scotland’s capital will be your next dream place to move to, here’s what you need to know about making a new life in Edinburgh.




Living in Edinburgh is expensive

While many locals remain an integral part of the city, most parts of Edinburgh have become cosmopolitan areas for young people with disposable income to live and study. Rife with fashionable round glasses, creative types, coffee shops and other modern comforts, it can be a dream come true for anyone with a creative flair.

This affluence is clear across the city, especially within the more central areas, where rent and housing prices reflect the income of many Edinburgh residents


Tourists are absolutely everywhere

 Whether it’s the Edinburgh Fringe Festival or just a random Saturday out and about in the city, you’re going to encounter tourists almost constantly. They don’t care where you have to be and how much of a hurry you’re in, they aren’t moving to get out of your way on the city’s extremely narrow pavements.


It’s a walkable city with excellent transport links

There’s greenery, hills, and plenty of fresh air to be had in Edinburgh. And the city has a walkability factor for those who love to take long strolls out and about in their respective cities.

For people who need dependable transportation links, there are tram services running from 7 am-7 pm every 7 minutes that connect the city centre to the airport and other inner-city stops. Outside of these hours, trams still run every 15 minutes. Two large-scale bus companies also operate in the area, as does a 24-hour route to the airport.


Edinburgh is a safe city

While there are places in Edinburgh (Niddrie, Pilton, and Wester Hails to name a few) that may have a reputation for being a little more dangerous, it’s a perfectly safe city to live in, especially compared to places like London.

Of course, the range of people who come in and out of the city can be drastic, so it’s always a good idea to be wary, just like any other part of the world.


The weather changes constantly

Living in Edinburgh means becoming accustomed to the weather potentially changing several times over the course of just one day. Is it foggy and raining out there in the morning? It’ll probably be sunny and dry by the afternoon. This means you may dress for a wet winter day only to find yourself sweating profusely a few hours later when the sun comes out.

Edinburgh’s history, fresh air, and friendly nature make it one of the most enticing UK destinations to move to and live. But it will require some funding to get you there and an appreciation of that traditional Scottish weather for you to enjoy your new life in this one-of-a-kind city.