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KSA Eastern Province awards SAR27.8m contracts


Saudi Arabia’s Water and Electricity Minister Abdullah Al-Hussayen has signed contracts worth SAR28.7 million with several companies for water and sewage projects in the kingdom’s Eastern Province.

Director General of Water in the Eastern Province Hamad bin Abdulrahman Al-Wabil said the largest contract, SAR11m, was awarded to Siraco for a three year sewage and water maintenance deal for the Baqiq governorate.

The Civil Works Company secured two deals: a three-year maintenance and operating contract in Maleija worth SAR9.5m, and another to move orchards in Al-Ahsa worth SAR8.2m.

Al-Wabil signed seven other contracts worth SAR4.5 million. Al-Zamil picked up a SAR1.6m contract for operating and maintaining air conditioning systems in the general directorate of water and affiliated buildings, would cost SAR1.6 million over three years.

Other contract awarded included: 12 months’ engineering consulting services to implement earth testing, and laying water and sewage pipes in the Eastern Province worth SR498,600 (Dar Al-Khaleej engineering company); the supply and installation of sand and carbon filters in water plants numbers two and three in Al-Neiriya, worth SAR496,000 (Mobioon) and office machine maintenance at water offices in Hafr Al-Batin and Al-Alya village, Al-Neiriay and Maleija worth SAR495,360.

Source:  Construction News Online

Link:  http://tinyurl.com/ncuja4c