Keeping Your UK Mobile Number While Abroad

Roaming and international call charges can be avoided by expats using a new service which allows them to keep their UK mobile number.

Swytch, the UK-based start-up providing multiple mobile numbers on an existing mobile phone, has said that people in 130 countries around the world now have UK mobile numbers thanks to their app.

Swytch numbers are available from any connected device, anywhere in the world. Expats are using Swytch’s UK mobile numbers to communicate with family and friends at home with no international call charges or roaming fees.

Calling the UK from abroad can cost more than £1.50 per minute when using roaming and international call plans. Swytch charges a standard rate of less than 6p/min to call back to the UK – regardless of where in the world you are – and Swytch-to-Swytch calls are always free.

There is no need to change phone, SIM or network operator if you need a UK mobile number while living abroad.  The Swytch app lets users have multiple mobile numbers on their existing mobile phone, all of which can be used for both incoming and outgoing calls.